Want to know who’s putting in the meters? Want to rise to the top of the leaderboard? or just want to help Exmouth Gig club “row” the Atlantic, virtually?

Then this is the place.

Any form of exercise counts – you can run, cycle, row, dog walk or paddle your way to the top.

Have a look at how far we have gone as a club!

It’s not all about the distance as the leaderboard can be sorted by number of sessions completed.

You can record all your gym / PT / yoga / crossfit / classes just put a zero in the distance column.

It’s all about getting off the sofa and having a go.

The above link will take you to a Google sheetplease record all distances in Kilometers.

For those of you that use miles you can use the below to convert to KMs

Miles to Kilometer Converter


Please note that the website will update from the Google Sheet every 15 minutes so you may need to be patient to see yourself rise up the leaderboard(s).

Total Club Kilometers Recorded

Club Goals

See how far the club is from achieving the next big milestone or what has already been ticked off the list!

GoalDistance km% CompleteClub Total
South West Coastal Path (SWCP)10143033076.6
Land's to John o' Groats14072193076.6
Atlantic (Canary Islands to West Indies)4700653076.6
UK Coastline12429253076.6
Pacific (Panama to Australia)14816213076.6
Round the World40,07583076.6
To the Moon!363,10413076.6

Overall Leaderboard

Total number of sessions / kilometers covered by each member for all actvities. These can be sorted by any field simply by clicking on it.

MemberSessions KMs
Ollie Knights40358.7
Andrew Boys35223.5
Keith Cornish27383.0
Andrew Boys 19146.5
Tanya Netherway1888.1
George Ford141548.5
Gary Cook8164.4
Val Pfeiffer263.0
Matt Netherway215.0
Sarah Boys130.0
Jo Willams110.0
Dave Churchward146.0

Monthly Leaderboard

Its worth noting that these totals are not by calendar month a rolling total from the last 30 days (up to and including today).


Rowing Leaderboard

Totals for ALL rowing activities including erg (yuck!) and on water.

Keith Cornish27383.0
Ollie Knights20167.0
Tanya Netherway
George Ford111388.2
Gary Cook8164.4
Andrew Boys326.0

If you are recording meters on ergs then why not join our virtual rowing team taking part in challenges? Join the Concept2 Challenges Team.

Cycling Leaderboard

Totals for ALL cycling activities including outdoor, virtual, spinning and static bikes.

Ollie Knights9147.4
George Ford3160.3
Val Pfeiffer263.0
Dave Churchward
Andrew Boys 110.5


Totals for ALL running activities including outdoor and treadmill.

Andrew Boys32197.5
Andrew Boys 18136.0
Ollie Knights630.2
Matt Netherway215.0


Hiking, power-walking, costal-path walking, dog walking or just walking the long way to the shops all counts.

Tanya Netherway15.0
Sarah Boys130.0
Jo Willams110.0

Coming Soon!

Workout Leaderboard

Leaderboard for all workout that don’t have an associated distance. Please record you workouts on the google sheet with a zero in the distance column. Can include gym / weights sessions, PT sessions, exercise classes, yoga, pilates etc.

Leaderboard will be added when enough sessions have been recorded.

Swimming Leaderboard

For pool sessions distance can be estimated by multiplying the number of length you do x the length of the pool (e.g. 100 lengths of the LED pool @ 25m = 2,500m).

For open water estimations are more tricky but you can use google maps to measure between two points or use a GPS (waterproof!) watch.

Leaderboard will be added when enough sessions have been recorded.

Team and Other Sports

Are you playing five-a-side football, netball or rugby? Are you paddleboarding or kayaking around the estaury or further afield? Then record your sessions.

Once enough members warrant a leaderboard it can be added.

Are we missing a sport or activity that you do on a regular basis? Then log it as “other” and let us know what you need added by emailling us.

How can I record my Kms?

For those of you with a SmartPhone there are lots of apps out there that will record you kms as you row, ride, run, walk, paddle etc.

The most popular are:

Map My Run
Run Keeper

Dont forget that gym equipment (ergs, treadmills etc) will also display metrics such as distance. You can also use pedometers or GPS watches (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple) to keep track.

If you use strava you can join the Exmouth Gi

Concept2 Challenges

Each year Exmouth Gig Club takes part in a number of virtual events on the Concept2 website. These include the Virtual Team Challenge, World Erg Challenge and the Fall Challenge. There’s even the chance to win prizes for completing challenges.

15 September – 15 October

To join in all you need is a Concept2 account and then search for “Exmouth Pilot Gig Club” under teams.

Strava Club