A quick tool for our coxes to check what the next few days have in store in terms of:

  • Tides (timings and height)
  • Wind Speeds
  • Swell Heights

The interaction of the three, as well as the bathymetry (sea floor) make Exmouth a unique place to row – probably why our coxes have nerves of steel and our rowers are no stranger to the “treadmill” that is Exmouth Dock on an incoming tide!

Tide / Range (next 3 days)

The usual tidal range at Exmouth is between -1.43m and 3.66m. The highest tide ever recorded was 4.94m, reached on Wednesday 27th October 2004.


Wind Forecast (next 7 days)

Click on the play button to watch an animation for the next 7 days.

Swell Forecast (next 7 days)

Weather Forecast (next 7 days)


View from Exmouth Coastwatch (LIVE)

(If viewing on a mobile you will need to click on the image to view the live video)