Update 14.08.2022

Please note – with Lyme Regis being the last regatta of our summer racing season then our focus for training will now be Newquay championships, after which the training sessions on a Tuesday and before club rows on a Saturday will then stop.

Everyone is encouraged to keep up their off water fitness , book onto club rows and anyone can follow the guidance in the hand book and organise an extra session when they want to.

As we look forward to The World Championships at the end of April 2023 and of course The Three Rivers Race in March 2023 then I, along with help from Greg, Steve & Carrie will be starting to organise a fitness plan for all who wish to follow it from Oct/November time.

After crews are selected for the World championships in the new year we will re- form a training system that allows those crews and anyone training for Three rivers to get out as much as possible.

Many thanks,


Updated Women’s Training Pools

Updated 18/July/2022

Having had a great start to the racing season – The women’s selection committee have made a slight revision to the pools. They have taken into account rowing ability and on and off water fitness. 

See the new pools below. 

Pool 1Pool 2Pool 3
MeganTanyaLiz D
NicolaSarah ISue G
KarrenAngelaKatie H
CarrieJo WSue R
Sarah BNicky E
Vic L
cc = Crew Co-ordinator

Updated Men’s Training Pools

Updated 18/July/2022

So what a glorious feeling knowing we have 18 men all looking to train, improve and race at our upcoming events !

With this comes the headache of deciding how we can make sure that those rowers, who would benefit from the same type of training, are able to row together. In order to ensure this happens the mens training rowers have been split into three pools.

At this moment in time, designation to which pool has been determined on historical performance, technical ability and Erg data- if it was received.

As the season progresses a measure of factors will be used including rowing ability and fitness – including off water training.

We have had lots of new men that need different training than the more established rowers who will be training to develop crew synchronicity and power. Pools 2 A and 2 B accommodate this differentiation.

This also allows any new rowers to be put in a crew with at least 2 more experienced rowers so that they can follow a good example of what great rowing looks and feels like. These pools can and probably will change as the season develops.

Pool 1Pool 2APool 2B
GeorgeMarkStuart (cc)
Charlie (CC)RobGary
cc = Crew Co-ordinator

Provisional Crews for Mixed Champs

Mixed Open Crew

George, Katy, Mark, Dave, Tamsin, Megan

Mixed Vets Crew

Nicola, Karen, Greg, Steve, Ollie, Kat


Gary, Michael, Nikki, Sue G

Thanks to all that put their name forward and good luck to our crews.
Any questions please contact me direct and further details of the event will be released in due course.

See you on the water

Club Captain

Weymouth Crews Confirmed

Please see below the crews selected by our crew selection committee for Weymouth regatta 28th May 2022.

Ladies A

Ladies B
5.Sue G
3.Vic L
2.Nikki E
1.Sue R

Ladies Vets
3.Vic L

Ladies SVets
We could potentially enter a super vets crew but we would need to find 2 rowers from elsewhere on the day or have 2 ladies from the vets race row again – these are back to back races and so we need to make sure people are comfortable to do this. We will make this call on the day.

Mens crew for Weymouth
3.Ollie – TBC

Mixed Crew TBC

Any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Club Captain

Have your say on which regattas we attend!

The poll is now closed and the results can be seen below. Your input will help steer the committee with regards to which regattas we attend this year.

Please bear in mind that there are certain logistical and other considerations (e.g. availability of boat towers / rowers / coxes, congestion of fixtures etc.) that may mean we cannot offer all of the below.

Weymouth Regatta

The format / timings for Weymouth Regatta have now been released. Will need assistance to unload the boat and row it around to the beach so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to help with that process.


Racing will take place around a course in Weymouth Bay with hospitality from
the club on Weymouth Beach (the Pavilion end of the beach) (DT4 8DZ).
Umpires’ and Cox’ns’ meeting 9.15am
Racing starts at 10.00am
These times might be subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the time.

Race Order (This may vary on the day):

Ladies A
Ladies B
Men’s A
Men’s B
Ladies Vets
Ladies Supervets
Men’s Vets
Men’s Supervets
Prize giving will take place straight after the last race. Please return any trophies.

Gig Launching

Gigs will be unloaded/loaded from the public slipway in the inner harbour (near the Range store on Commercial Road (DT4 8NG) between 8.00am and 8.45am.
Weymouth members will be on hand to assist in loading/unloading.
You will require a cox’n and rowers to row your gig round to the beach. Please take care on the water as traffic in the harbour can be busy at this time of the year.
There are a few local hazards which must be pointed out:

  • The Town Lifting Bridge – stop if red lights show
  • Rowing boat ferries – these cross the harbour just past the Life Boat station and they don’t tend to give way!

Car Parking

There is nearby parking at the Weymouth Pavilion Car Park.

Free water will be available (Bring your own bottle) and we would welcome those attending bringing their own refillable mugs.

Training Pools

The racing sub-committee – Karen, George, Steve and I, have worked together to form a system that fairly enables as many people as possible to get out training in preparation for future races after a considerable period of downtime!

There are currently 27 people looking to train, which is fab: 9 men and 18 women.
As there are only enough men for one training crew, the same rowers will attempt to get on the water every week, to be supplemented potentially by some female rowers, or men not currently signed up for training.

The ladies will be looking to form two training boats at least once a week. To try to ensure people who would benefit from the same type of training, row together, the ladies have been split into three pools determined by the male racing coxes based on historical performance. This is of course subject to change.

Mens Training PoolLadies Training Pool 1Ladies Training Pool 2Ladies Training Pool 3
GeorgeMeganTanyaLiz D
SteveKaty YAngelaJo W
GregNicolaKatNikki E
MarkKarenTamsinSue G
OllieCarrieSarah IKatie H
CraigSarah BVic LSue R

How will this work?

Each week two ladies boats will go out; Training boat 1 (coxed by George) and Training boat 2 (coxed by Greg). 

Training boat 1 will be made up of all available rowers from Pool 1, and a selection from Pool 2 to make up a full crew. Some rotation of who is called upon to fill in is expected.

Training boat 2 will be made up by the remaining rowers from Pool 2 and completed by rowers from Pool 3, again with some rotation so as many rowers as possible get an opportunity to participate.

We hope this strikes the balance between consistency (allowing rowers to train and develop together) and opportunity (allowing rowers to experience race training with different people and stake a claim to a spot in a crew at future races). We are not training for specific races at this stage so please be accommodating to any movement of rowers that is required, week-to-week.


In order to facilitate this, what has worked well in the past are dedicated crew co-ordinators who support organising the training sessions. Given the flexible nature of this training arrangement we are likely to need more than one person from each of Pool 1 and Pool 2, so if someone is called upon to row in a different boat, they are not required to organise the other session.

WhatsApp has been a useful tool in the past for rapid communication between coordinators and within crews. You can find most people’s contact details within the ‘Contact details’ message board thread on the website.

👉🏻So on that note – Anyone happy to coordinate your pool please forward your names to me ASAP!


These timings have been chosen to make boat logistics as easy as possible and potentially allows us to have two boats ready for the club session which is helpful. All training rowers should be available, where required, to support the club sessions after training. If you have a good reason to leave immediately following a training row please notify the duty coxswain / session planner.

  • The mens’ allocated training slot will be Saturdays 7-8am.
  • Both ladies’ boats will then train 8-9am.
  • These two Saturday sessions – 7-8am, 8-9am will be the clubs protected training times going forward. These slots can be alternated should crews wish to change them.
  • You WILL NOT be able to organise a training session during Club row protected times which are: – Saturday 9am-finish and Wednesday 6pm-finish.
  • AND any pool co-ordinator can organise an extra session to get a boat out at any time outside of the protected club row times.

Other things to consider

As always, if organising an ad hoc training row please follow the extra session guidance in the handbook. Also avoid making any rower do back-to-back training sessions even if you are short of rowers. We don’t want any injuries or people to be overworked, and one good training session should be plenty!

What we have set up so far is a fluid system that we are expecting to change and adapt going forward but for now is the fairest and most efficient way to get lots of people who want training out on the water & there will always be club rows to book onto too.

If you have any questions or need any clarification please get in touch – and here’s to some awesome up and coming training to look forward to!

I’d like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and a special thanks to all of our coxes and race sub-committee who give their time and energy for FREE, and without whom we would not be able to organise and run any of these sessions. 

See you on the water,

Nicola – Club Captain