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1/11/2018: Winter training pools

These are the groups of rowers we’d like to see rowing together over the next few months before selections for the World Pilot Gig Championships and other regattas later in the year. While Scilly is still a long way off, these crews are biased towards potential over experience to give newer members with promise an opportunity to develop quickly. It will also give the coxes a chance to see combinations of rowers they won’t have seen before.



Ben Atkinson, George Ford, Ollie Knights*, Greg Price, Matt Netherway, Bradley Payne, Rob Santucci, Steve Williams

Pool 2:

Andy Bray, Simon Brownley, Max Champion, Gary Cook, David Lomas, Steve Morgan, Jeff Nicholls*, Sam Post, Chris Russell, Mark Stephens, Peter Stobart.


Pool 1:

Sarah Boys, Victoria Broadhurst, Sara Knights, Karen Mossman, Nicola Price*, Polly Williams, Katy Young

Pool 2:

Carrie Atkinson, Victoria Champion, Cathryn Fox, Zoe Gorvett, Sarah Ingram*, Victoria Leyland, Evie Nash, Tanya Netherway, Sara Stobart, Kathy Underwood

Pool 3:

Angela Crowell, Nicky England, Sue Golay, Katie Hansford, Jay Lambe*, Jen Mills, Leanne Peake, Anna Wilson.

(*) Crew coordinator


1/11/2018: Fitness measures

While in boat performance is the main factor affecting crew selection, so many of you have similarly solid technique and provide adequate weight it is sometimes hard to decide between rowers. It is unlikely that a slightly better time on the rowing machine will guarantee a position in a boat ahead of someone else, but submitting these measures shows a commitment to your general fitness that we’d like to encourage. It is not compulsory to submit ‘erg times’ but not doing so may be the tie breaker that means you’re in a C crew rather than a B crew. On the other hand if we see something particularly impressive, it may mean we give you an opportunity for which you would otherwise been overlooked. Please give yourself the best possible chance of getting into your desired crew.

Desired measures

Please send photos/screenshots of Concept2 memory, showing 500 m splits to, or post to Exmouth Gig Fitness Facebook page.

5000m, free rate:

A standard workout that should take about the same amount of time as a long gig race (~20 minutes).

20 minutes at 20 strokes per minute:

Maintaining a consistent slow rate shows discipline. Make sure you stay at 20 spm. Rate increases towards the end will result in the measure being disregarded.

4x400m, 2 minute rest between sets:

Measure of explosive power. Represents the first 40-50 strokes of a gig race.

Additional measures

These are more intense workouts that will be recorded but not considered as fundamental, so please submit the measures above first.

10000m, free rate

30m@20spm: The perfect preparation for Three Rivers.

10x250m, 1min rest.