Kathy Underwood
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15/02/2020 at 1:20 PM #24353

Each club has been given allocated an arrival time slot – please adhere to this to help ease congestion.

All gigs to be launched by 11.15a.m.

Coxes meeting: 11.30a.m. on the Town Quay

Ladies race due off at 12.00 noon

You will need to have your own club members in attendance to launch and recover your gig(s).

Please note:

We have a large number of gigs attending and would therefore be grateful if all clubs could adhere to the following points:

ARRIVAL, LAUNCHING AND REGISTRATION: Exmouth launch time is 10 – 10.45
• If any clubs can bring their own trollies/wheels for launching and recovering their gigs it would be very much appreciated.
• Please can each club send a member to the registration point (in the Sailing Club) to register their crews’ arrival, confirm the entry and receive the refundable deposit.
• Due to the number of gigs attending on the day, can we please ask that you label all of your trailers with the name of the gig and your club name, so that it is clearly visible, in order to make retrieval of your trailer after racing as easy as possible.
• There are still yachts stored in the Sailing Club car park for winter maintenance, please could we ask all rowers to take care not to hit the hulls of the yachts with their oars as they walk past. Thank you.


• Loading gigs after the mens race – PATIENCE WILL BE REQUIRED! There are two slipways: Each gig will be told which slipway to use.
• Do not come onto the slipway until told to do so by a Caradon Member who will get your trailers ready.
• No gigs are to be loaded up on the slipways: Once the gig is back on the trailer, and the bow rope tied down, they will be moved back to their storage space for clubs to load up ready to be towed away.
• No towing vehicles to go on any grass areas.
• No towing vehicles to be brought to trailers until you are ready to leave, to ease congestion.
• The presentation for the fastest gig (ladies and mens times combined) will take place in the Sailing Club following the racing. The top three positions in each race will also be announced on the day at the presentation.
• The fastest Mens crew, will receive the CRY4TOM trophy, donated by Ann Demain of CRY4TOM charity in memory of her son, Tom.
• The full set of results will be posted on Gig Rower the day after the event, when we have had time to check through them fully.
• Any issues regarding timings/results should be emailed direct to caradongigclub@gmail.com and not through social media.

This event is run by members of Caradon Gig Club, all of whom are volunteers with a passion for gig racing. We will endeavour to run the event to the best of our ability and hope that you have an enjoyable day.

We would respectfully ask that if any of your members have any issues with the event, that they raise them with us direct via email: caradongigclub@gmail.com or in person, and refrain from posting any negative or discourteous comments on social media.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Saltash and hope that you all have a great day of racing.
Exmouth launch time is 10 – 10.45