Current Coxswain List

Last updated: 31/01/2019

In addition to the responsibilities below, duty coxswains organise the weekly club rowing and give the ok/no-go for any extra sessions or race training. If ok’d by a duty coxswain, individual coxswains still have the final say as to whether they feel it is safe for their crew to launch.

George Ford

Gregory Price

Polly Williams


In addition to the responsibilities below, senior coxswains can oversee introductory sessions for new rowers and train others to cox.

Ben Atkinson

Mark (Max) Champion

Sophie Cook


Club coxswains are able to facilitate club rows involving full members and any race training or extra sessions that are given the ok by the duty coxswain. The primary responsibility of all coxswains is for the safety of their crew so they can and should cancel a session or return to the beach early if deemed necessary, for any reason, and feel comfortable doing so.

Carrie Atkinson

Sue Golay

Vicky Ingram

Karen Mossman

David Lomas

Rob Santucci

Jake Treliving


Novice coxswains have declared an interest in learning to cox and may take out a crew under the supervision of a duty or senior coxswain.

Andrew Bray
Simon Brownley
Tanya Netherway
Nicola Price
Peter Stobart
Steve Williams