We want to keep everyone in the loop with Club and Committee activity. After each committee meeting, we plan to issue a summary of the matters discussed.

If as a member you want further details on any aspect please get in contact with one of the Committee.

The latest minutes will appear at the top of the page and get older as you work your way down.

Meeting Date 23 July – Beach Pub

Attendees: Katie, Jay, Sarah, Tanya, Sue

Apologies: Anna, Dave, Nicky

Actions marked in bold.

Sarah outlined Master Classes she is organising.

  • Session 1: Thursday 6th August: Hear from your Coxswains
  • Session 2:  Rowing technique and fitness
  • Session 3:  Gig boat, kit and yard etiquette
  • Session 4:  History of Exmouth gig club plus guest gig club speakers
  • Session 5:  Racing with Exmouth Gig Club, entering other events and organising your own events.

Jay currently trying to get a deal with Zoom, perhaps a rolling month by month so not stuck in a contract. Costs are 11.99 +VAT per month. Annually £119 +VAT.

Bank account will be taking couple more weeks before being sortedand enabled to allow for online banking. In process. Nicky following up.

Tanya to create list of those paid in full. Refunds currently given to those requesting it. One member has asked has theirs £120 stay with the Club to offset next years fees.

Club Quiz night, Angela needs about 2 weeks notice. Jay will liasewith Angela. Date agreed 7th Aug.

Tanya to put on message board and and facebook.

Discussed to keep a regular date free for the Committee meetings, agreed 1st Monday of every month. Next meeting 7 Sept.

Tanya suggested idea for top trumps style point system for crew selection. E.g Availability, Erg, fitness test, enthusiasm etc. To be discussed more.

Discussions turned to scout hut. Understand to have a 40 year lease on it from the Council. The Hut is in poor repair with no services but Council may be prepared to install drainage and power IF viable. Dave leading on negotiations.

Other possible options were put forward including revisiting use of the Sea Cadets building. Jay/ Liz to continue with club house journey.

As part of the thinking on masterclasses and engaging with members there was discussion on doing fitness training on the beach. Possibly to do Sat, Sun or Thurs eve?

Boat cover deposit has been paid. Date for cover receipt unknown.

Jay to ask Gigass for discount against seats, footstraps etc or package deals for our members. Benefit for hygiene during COVID times.

Back to rowing risk assessment discussed. We discussed Katies process for getting back to rowing. We all agreed it was good but will wait to see what CPGA recommends and incorporate their suggestions. It was suggested that people when they book on as part of the booking will need to sign a form that states health, a waiver on Club responsibility if they contract Covid and confirmation of responsibility for own health and safety by complying with approved guidance. Again if someone falls ill a replacement will need to be on hand from shore crew.

COVID policy up on the website. Waiting CPGA update for back to rowing. Hold off on any plans until then.

Club Risk Assessment being updated. Jay/Anna inputting into this.

Jay raised matter of race/rowing captain going forward. Agreed aseparate meeting to be held to discuss.

Jay raised need to review/refresh Constitution. Agreed meeting 21st September with Agenda to be issued on 14th September. All Committee to familiarise themselves with Constitution and members handbook as two read together. All tomake notes on what needs to change.

Ongoing support for Friends in need? Take part in beach cleans in club kit. More presence needed in the community.

Query Polly’s work on Club Environment strategy. Was this concluded and approved? Can it be located.

Katie suggested that we could do a promotional film which sounds like fun but needs to be explored further.

Katie and Tanya (poss Sarah) are going to prepare a draft response to Gig Rower who want a profile of the Club-to promote it.

Tanya is going to write the next update/minutes summary and look at organising the gift giving for the exiting Committee.

Minutes Summary 15th June 2020

Membership – Agreed a new membership – wide survey would be undertaken to help find the best way to direct the club, manage funds and support members.

Access to website being improved as most members access by mobile.

A review of the constitution needed given increase in membership and different interests of membership to be met.

Communications – Regular updates to be issued together with minutes summary post committee meetings. And CPGA updates to be circulated.

Feedback function to include protocols on use, so feedback can be better understood and responded to appropriately.

Website – Undergoing updates and improvements. Comments on new look and ease of use welcome.

Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Guidelines being updated.

Club Activity – The Club is arranging various activities. Activities can be arranged by any member and open to other members. See Notice Board as usual for details.

Banking – Existing arrangement under review.

Kit – boats are being maintained. New kit required and is priced. New cover for Shelly ordered.

Clubhouse – search still ongoing. Joint use of Sea Scouts current site possible.

Next meeting 22nd July

Minutes of meeting 15/01/2020

Present – Dave, Greg, Gary, Kat, Sue, Sarah, Anna, George (dialled in)
Apologies: Polly

Highlights of minutes – Sarah to speak to Ollie about putting this on the website.

Committee leavers – Anna, Sarah, Dave and Sue remaining, others to step down at end of March. Agreed that email would go out describing all of the roles. Gary will draft this and Kathy will send out.

AGM to be held at Police Club on Tues 17th March also to be a celebration of 6 years of the club. Notification of this, minutes of last AGM and instructions about motions to be emailed out.

Treasurers report – Total of £14,000 funds in accounts, some discussion about Scilly fee took place, Greg has calculated between £25 and £30 charge, further discussion at next meeting, along with discussion about membership fees for 2020/21.

Crews update – Training has begun for 3R and IOS. George to draft email to try to get crew members for Mens Scilly vets, Kat will send, to local clubs.

Exmouth regatta – Gary happy to still be involved after AGM, he will begin immediate actions. Kat will remind him!

Updating website – Sarah will speak to Ollie about this.

Incident reporting – Procedure for this to be highlighted in next newsletter. Notice to be put on coxes WhatsApp (Greg) to remind all coxes to check wellbeing of crew while setting off from the beach.

Party – Plan for party, skittles night, non coxes bring a plate of food, coxes get a free drink. Club to subsidise this and prizes for skittles. Teams for skittles sorted on the night.
Email to go out, Gary to design artwork, facebook and message board.

Club house and kit – clubhouse still being pursued, Rodney nearly ready, will be ready for 3R, Shelly has been weighed 900kg, too heavy for most to tow, one safety bag is missing, lifejackets to be replaced by Sue.

AOB – Gary to add Masters to message board
3R training row up to Topsham mentioned.
Intraclub regatta suggested for Scilly weekend,
£25 UKSRL day, Gary to advertise this.

DONM – Weds 12 Feb 2020

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