We want to keep everyone in the loop with Club and Committee activity. After each committee meeting, we plan to issue a summary of the matters discussed.

If as a member you want further details on any aspect please get in contact with one of the Committee.

The latest minutes will appear at the top of the page and get older as you work your way down.

2022/23 Season

5th October 2022

Exmouth Police Club

Greg Price (GP)
Nicola Price (NP)
Ollie Knights (OK)
Jeff Nicholls (JN) (Remotely)
Jen Mills (JM)
Sue Golay (SG)

Victoria Leyland (VL)

GP and JN to audit membership subs

Outstanding expenses payments to committee members discussed, GP and OK both have payments due to them. Amounts tbc

The club currently pays £125 pcm to Sea Cadets yard, and £40pcm for Shelley’s storage off site.

Club Account Balance: £8313.30 Back up Account Balance: £4075.49

Huge thanks to Victoria Leyland for once again organising, and all those who volunteered at Glastonbury Festival. Funding for the club this year came to an incredible £2175!

CASC update – JN and GP to discuss

17 Attendees to recent erg technique event. Great turnout and really positive feedback.

Charity erg event scheduled for 26th Nov 9am-2pm @ Sea Cadets’ clubhouse, Megan intends to row a marathon, 50% to club 50% to local charity – Pete’s Dragons suggested tbc. All members invited to participate. More info to follow via message board, NP to post.

Possibility of further erg sessions discussed

Sunday sessions to resume 6th Nov. Cox availability is still a limiting factor, but we are progressing in the right direction.

Thanks to NP for work in build-up to County Champs. A really positive outcome, with Exmouth’s highest ever placing at joint 37th overall, and the men reaching their first ever quarter finals.

NP to put out some comms around selection committee, to ensure clarity.

Rob Santucci is organising our upcoming inter club race day – 2 crews available at the time of writing, only Exmouth crews to be involved on this occasion.


Black and Orange party 29th October: awards discussed and confirmed. JM to seek feedback from selection committee. OK to create form for Rowers’ Rower and include in upcoming newsletter. JM to source prizes and trophies where appropriate, GP and NP to confirm which trophies they already have at home. Blind auction agreed for oars, GP to confirm how many oars available to auction.

Christmas party confirmed for 10th December, comms to be released on this immediately after Orange and Black Party.

SG to speak to The Point about a date in Feb / March re: club quiz.


No new cox signoffs as yet but training is continuing well
Cox availability is still limited
There will be good Exmouth representation at the coach’s forum scheduled for 9th October with several coxes attending a variety of sessions


Dave Curnock is back from hols mid-October, work on Shelly to begin, with the aim for her to be back on the water by December.
Pete Stobart is to take away racing oars, members requested not to use these now until after Pete has completed his work on them.

No actions currently. Resume activity early next year.


OK to circulate for committee content by the end of next week, and to include form for Rowers’ Rower

OK – website issues are ongoing, currently in the hands of the service provider but any timescale for a resolution is unclear. Short term workarounds discussed for booking form etc.

Nov 16th, 2022
Venue: Exmouth Police Club tbc


15th June 2022


  • Greg Price (GP),
  • Nicola Price (NP),
  • Jen Mills (JM),
  • Ollie Knights (OK),
  • Sue Golay (SG),
  • Victoria Leyland (VL)

Apologies: Jeff Nicholls (JN)

Financial Update

GP and JN have now access to the online banking for the Gig Club account. They now need to sort out the App so that things can be transferred immediately.

Committee members have now been reimbursed for outstanding invoices, a few small balances to pay.

JN to keep a check on subs and payments GP to speak to JN.

SG offered to support JN in monitoring subs, payments for regattas etc… agreed that Regatta fees from club members won’t actively be chased.

OK to chase and clarify whether we are still a CASC/unincorporated club- JN/GP to look at benefits/draw backs to charity status.

Members Update
Currently, 55 members, most members are active. GP to look at how many inactive members. OK Sent a list of the breakdown of ages to committee. Some DOB on forms incorrect- relatively equal split male/female. Majority of members are still older age groups/Vets and Super Vets. Committee to review opening to new members again in October/dependent on Cox numbers and bedding in of new members.

Regatta/Race/Training Update
NP– Lyme Regatta lots of positive feedback from both new and older club members. The results were not as good in terms of placements as Bridport, however the day was fantastic with involvement from a wide range of members, lots of categories entered and newer members had the opportunity to race. NP to share feedback with OK for next newsletter. We also had our oldest and youngest club members racing on the day. This season we have attended 3 Jurassic League Regattas, the mixed champs and Newquay ladies and men’s champs coming up…
Newquay Ladies Champs was a hugely successful and enjoyable day of racing- the Ladies did really well coming 2nd in their race and going through to Day 2- another Club first!!!

We still have quite a few races and events coming up…

24th September- Round the Island Race at Teignmouth- open to all club members-mixed crew as a 14k race will need to be those that have a lev of fitness. NP to put message up on WhatsApp and message board.

15th October – Due to a limited response we won’t be competing at Swanage, however those members that put their names down to race will be given first refusal on participating in the Louis Hankin ‘Row Past’ in Shelly Maid happening on the 15th of October.

16th October- Mount Batten- National County Champs

Erg Technique session- Tuesday 27th September- Cadet Yard…17 members have signed up…6 ergs… for those that can’t make it session will be videoed. NP to be the demo model – GP to video.

Craig will support a winter training plan in conjunction with NP- this will include measurable improvements, technique focus.

IOS 2023- this will be very competitive this year due to the number of members keen to participate and criteria will need to be shared early. Winter training will be essential. Decision to be made @Boxing Day or earlier to allow time for training- crews out January. 3 data collection points- October, November, December to inform selection as well as on the Water performance.

3RR- Training will also begin for this in January. If selected will be for one event or the other as training will be different. Endurance v sprints. NP to get thread out early.

Coaches’ session – October 9th- will be offered to all coxes – Club to fund. 3 sessions each, share feedback on areas covered.

Social Update JM
29th October – Orange and Black (pumpkins and witches) party. Police Club. Fancy dress optional – loosely based on Club colours…

Fancy dress comp??
JM – will approach businesses for raffle donations.
Shanty men will join and sing after the prizes. £150 and ‘a few beers’ budget about £200 raffle to off-set. Mixed response to food being provided. JM to put a list for members to sign up to bring something food to event.
Awards- some honorable mentions, some funny, Club nominated rowers rower… Committee to think of some… balance between making it a mixture… bring ideas to next meeting.

New home
On-going. Looking at whether 2 boats can be kept where currently keeping SM

Intro rows
Working well feeding these through the club sessions. Possible format- first ‘New Members’ session is during a specific intro morning- then filter through club rows. Currently closed to new members- committee to review Oct meeting.

Coxes update & training
Several new coxes in the ‘pipeline’. Mark, Kat, Nic very close to being signed off.

Pete has re-joined. Gina has joined (coxed for Sidmouth- will need to learn the waters in Exmouth)

Several members keen to train- Sara S, Sarah B, Gary.

End of Wednesday Evening Rowing

Last date for Wednesday evening 14th Sept due to sunset earlier. The club will just offer Saturday morning rows for the next month to allow coxes a break and time to sign off new coxes. Then review beginning Saturday and Sunday morning rowing.

Equipment update
Shelly Maid has now been collected. Work to be completed being discussed and planned by sub-committee GP, Pete, Dave and Gina- this might be delayed until November due to the number of upcoming events and extended season. Timetable to be agreed. Will need members to come to barn to help turn boat. Gina will support this. GP to discuss with Gina, Pete, Dave and get a date and info on the message board ASAP so people save the date.

Plan to re-visit this with a timescale of recruitment and training in January 2023 with a view to having a Junior crew ready to compete at Newquay 2023. Gary keen to be involved and has links to the Secondary School. VL agreed to be Welfare Officer. A sub-committee to be formed GP add to November agenda.

There have been a number of no-shows and people arriving g late to their session- gentle reminder to go out to all club members asking that if they are in the session after launching the boat to arrive at least 15 minutes before the session starts to help incoming boat and to avoid delays to the start of their session.

CPGA Admin- until told compulsory wait to find out what this involves.

Regatta Dates – GP to check with Jurassic League clubs when they plan to hold Regattas – also look at favourable tides… get Exmouth Regatta date in the diary. Will need a sub-committee to help with organising.

OK – agreed to be named as Safety Officer- Required by CPGA

Next meeting
Wed 5th October at 8pm. Police Club


15th June 2022


  • Greg Price (GP), 
  • Nic Price (NP),
  • Sue Golay (SG),
  • Jen Mills (JM),
  • Victoria Leyland (VL)
  • via Whatsapp: Jeff Nicholls (JN) & Ollie Knights (OK)


GP checked in on members and asked how all are coping with workload linked to roles. No issues raised. Reminded all not to take once than able to, sharing responsibilities in the committee

Financial Update

Still waiting on swap over to the new committee. Once swap has taken place club members who are owed money by the club can be reimbursed- reminder to.keepreceipts. GP and JN will continue to chase bank

GP & JN visited the old toilet accommodation near to Orcombe Point- would not work as Gig Club base, would be lots of competition. But EDDC/LED aware we are actively looking, and this could give new leads to follow up. Aware we are on the hunt= positive

Relationship with the Sea Cadets at the yard positive this is working well.

Membership update

47 current members and we still have at least 5-10 going through the intro row process and keen to join. 

Next weekend for intro rows is Saturday 16th July- we will also filter some through the Wednesday Eve and Saturday morning club rows

We will pause and hold a waiting list on enquiries until we have increased Cox capacity in the club.

Need to communicate to new members how to join training Pools (NP)

Coxes update and Training

GF suggests a ratio of 1 in 7 rowers need to be a Cox to maintain club and sessions. GP we need to get the current trainee coxes signed off and coxing- maximise the good weather/tides etc

Regatta update

NP- has put the Regatta’s up on the message board- lots of people want to attend. Currently Bridport, Langstone and Paignton- lots keen to go 14 men, 17 women

Thanks to JM for getting the intro rows off the ground this has led to lots of new members keen to get involved


Membership fees- cost of this those going to Newquay Champs/Vets keen to get value for money- will monitor what the benefits are to clubs.  

For next year- Sea Cadets- possibly looking at this as a link to develop the Youth/Junior Crew. Committee to re-visit in Spring 2023


Things are noticeably getting worn out due to increased use but also lack of Bosun. Rodney had a refurb- but due to not being used really needs some additional work.

  • First Aid Kits- need updating. 
  • Dan Bohin- Bristol oar repairs – collecting to refurb.
  • End of July- need a bit of TLC – get a boat clean organised.
  • 2 life jackets checked by RNLI – Ollie to get checked.
  • SG to keep the 5 life jackets that are smaller & without canisters in – pick up Saturday
  • OK to check there are 3 that are adult size.


SG will talk to Proserve and agree the kit that we want on their site and available to order. 

Social update

9th July- summer social (JM) lots out on social media- good interest. Need 3 volunteers to bring BBQ’s, set up, gazebo? Plan- club row finishes- the boats are returned. Then head to between The Octagon & Rockfish (dog friendly area) all welcome, some games set up, people.bringtheir own food, cups, rugs etc… 

Social booked for the 10th December… mince pies and mulled wine, DJ, fancy dress 3 hours. Stuart Line- VL booked and paid deposit.


 £5 per head (per member) so current Exmouth Club Fees are £110 per member. Question- Extra £25 what exactly does this go towards? If rowers are entering Vets Champs they pay directly to CPGA. See how this works out.

Man overboard training

Training still needs to be arranged

GP- message Max Champion to see whether we can borrow the RNLI dummy. Look at CPGA offering more first aid training- e.g. cold water shock etc…

Date of next meeting: Sunday 17th July


4th May 2022


Police Club


  • Greg Price
  • Sue Golay
  • Victoria Leyland
  • Jen Mills
  • Ollie Knights.
  • Nic Price (remotely)


Jeff Nicholls

Sue Golay’s huge commitment and ongoing time and support to the Gig Club was discussed and recognised. Sue gave up considerable time when the club first returned after the pandemic and took out club rows every weekend.


GP & JN have now completed the Bank paperwork. This will take 6 weeks to be processed.
Nicky England will continue to pass financial information to JN. Once completed GP & JN will set up online banking. 2 signatures will still be needed- but should be easier to do all financial things remotely.


Approximately 34 members have renewed/re-joined. No concerns regarding membership numbers. Currently manageable- will grow club gradually. Rows haven’t been cancelled due to lack of rowers/coxes- only due to weather.

MEMBERSHIP SURVEY – Nic Price feedback

Wednesday mid-week row most popular day- chosen due to Cox availability and member feedback. These have been well attended.
Social do-lots of feedback on this- people keen for at least every 3 months and impromptu events. Agreed club will commit to 4 organised in advance dates.
Members keen to contribute skills- good range of skills within club- these need drawing upon. Reducing time between intro rows good- lots of interest some nearly ready to join. Agreed a new members and annual survey/feedback needed to keep aware of what the club members want.


Summer Social- Beach/BBQ social- agreed 9th July (Jen to begin to organise) bring & BBQ event
Autumn Social- 29th October- Police Club? Fancy dress/Halloween themed? End of season do. Band? Skittles?
Christmas Social- TBC potentially Stuart Line/boat/cruise/party?? (Victoria to contact look at dates/availability) mermaid theme?


Is there an agreed process that goes to rowers? Looking at updating this- consistency of information discussed.
When can new rowers join? Some can filter in through club rows after first session at coxes discretion. Always need at least 1 intro row- but less for those competent to join club sessions.
Review the process- balance manageable numbers/Cox availability.


Craig coxed training row with 2 experienced coxes in boat- went really well- to be signed off. Different levels of Coxes discussed- based on experience and knowledge of waters- to be revisited in more detail. Kat, Mark, Nic all in training.
Social Rows
These beginning to return. GD asked to book a Jubilee Row- agreed. Committee keen and happy for social rows to be increased.


Provisional date- 14th May 2022 (Greg to organise)
Audit everything in the yard and clean Shelly Maid.
Call all members to participate. Encourage both training and club rows to get involved. Life jacket safety check (RNLI) Pressure wash Shelly (JN) look at pars being sanded down and varnished leathers, pins etc…


Jen- raised that some of the grants we can apply for might fund new radio/life belt etc… to look into the costs of these.
3 Potential funds/pots of funding, Community, Amateur Sports Club- ideas of tangible things we could bid for funding for to Jen.


Working really well- about to change for Weymouth- first Regatta. Good take up.
Invite through for Weymouth- £20 per Gig Boat.
Towing still area of concern. Paid @ 45p mile- TBC more towers needed.
Monday and Thursday best days for additional training sessions.
IOS- 2023
Communications for this needs to go out soon. Now is a good time to be looking at the accommodation available. It will go if not booked. If people are keen to go they need get it booked up quickly.
Regatta Choices
A poll of regattas that the club might attend will go out- open until the 13th May so we can let CPGA know which we will attend.
£5 per rower per regatta? This was felt to be reasonable and make attending regatta’s accessible to all members.


Investigate Total Tees and Proserve (Sue Golay to investigate what they can offer) The Gig Club already has all of the graphics.


  • Water awareness – Sue attended this and felt it was really useful- potentially further links with other water users moving forwards.
  • Sue Golay – all members need to know how to use the radio. Discussion around encouraging club members to use the handbook- all info in there. Could we do a ‘spotlight’ on different aspects of rowing- e.g signpost to parts of the handbook.
  • Letter to the family of Ian Kneal (Gigarse) recently died. Agreed a personal letter from the club appropriate. (Greg to write as Chair)

Next meeting Thursday 7th June (possibly Police Club) TBC


6 April 2022


Police Club, Rolle Rd, Exmouth


  • Greg Price (GP)
  • Nicola Price (NP) Remotely
  • Ollie Knights (OK) Remotely
  • Jeff Nicholls (JN)J
  • Jen Mills (JM)
  • Victoria Leyland (VL)


Sue Golay (SG)



  • 13 members have re-joined the Gig Club so far. The membership list shared by Ollie on Google Drive automatically updates.
  • The previous membership list is not on the drive but can be cross-referenced. So we can see who has re-joined
  • Currently most members submit new form and fees at the same time. Each response is on Google Drive, live document
  • The new committee will need access to the accounts to see who has paid. GP/JN to speak to Leanne.
  • All committee have access to the list and email to monitor. All to gently encourage re-joining.


  • Handover doc on Google Drive, committee need to familiarise themselves with this- see what information is available.
  • It was agreed emails pre-2021 should all be archived. This can be moved using a button and direct to archive. OK to look at this- all committee to monitor. Other emails roughly agreed-
    • Jen- New members
    • Greg- CPGA/general rowing related
    • Nic- racing
    • Ollie- Website related
    • Jeff- finance
    • Vic/Sue- AOB
  • GP to look at kit email
  • GP to get yard keys cut for all committee members and coxes as currently not all have keys.


  • JM has been sifting through all new contacts for intro row.
  • There are approximately 40 + names, all interested new enquiries have been contacted.
  • The 23rd April has been offered as an Intro Row date- approximately 14 booked on for the 23rd April and there is good cox support availability. This date will now be closed.
  • 2 further dates of the 7th May and 21st May offered, Rob Santucci keen to get new rowers through on consecutive sessions and signed up.
  • The plan will be to get as many interested rowers through the trial rows and signed up. The document is not user friendly and saved on the website itself. JM suggested a more efficient way to record would be needed. Unable to confirm who has paid up- this needs checking with the former committee. If the backlog of rowing enquiries cleared should be more manageable moving forward.
  • The booking system will change to a 30 day open booking to ensure we have enough club rowers to support the intro rows.
  • OK changed the system- this will be monitored and reviewed.


  • Shortage of coxes is an immediate priority. A session focusing on coxes, Saturday 25th March happened, but only one trainee cox available.
  • MS All committee to raise and encourage interested members to consider coxing. Pool of coxes vital to developing of available coxes. Mark Stephens is nearly ready to be signed off, needs a little more time with experienced coxes in the boat and different weather conditions. Leanne and Kat still need some additional time. GP has offered to put time into trying to get all 3 ready to be signed off, and ready to cox club row.


  • There are 21 members currently signed up.
  • NP is meeting with 5 of the coxes on Friday 8th April to discuss, they will look at the fairest and most consistent way to allocate to training pools.
  • Looking at consistency of language used, stroke rate, so that this feeds into intro/social/training sessions. Keen to develop this aspect of the club but build in shared language.


  • The bookings for intro rows now closed, booking for members to open to encourage good attendance and support, plan for all intro rowers to come to the beach for 9am and combine on the water and off the water intro to rowing. The getting to know the existing club members.
  • JM will shmooze on the beach, chat to potential new rowers. Potentially get 2 or maybe all 3 boats out on the water.
  • NP suggested holding training pool rows before the intro session so that boats already on the water and to encourage lots of the existing members to participate. Barbarian style/names in a hat races after the intro row, may include some newbies… NP will bring hats to pull names.some structure… and flexibility.
  • Evening social – JM to continue to promote, potentially invite newbies- Mark happy for this to happen, and partners. JM looking at leaving gifts, will get these and reimburse from the club funds.


  • GP thanked all of those involved in moving the boats around on the 25th to put the wooden boats back on trailers. Avocet is now back on the beach and the wooden boats in the yard.
  • Currently Avocet does not have the cover on, everything has been removed, including cushions, bung, rudder and is safely stored at the years. This was felt to be better than keeping the cover on her which was getting damaged and will be monitored to make sure people do not damage her.
  • wooden boats will hopefully get more use now the regatta season has started and have both been well used are watertight. We need to do an equipment audit, pins, letters.
  • GP will get some new plastic boxes for pins. Megan had offered for parents to look at boats (Mum) and the trailers (Dad) Committee agreed we need to find out what the parents are called. All boats need some TLC, discussed turning the boats over to throughly clean underneath, remove floors to wash. This is what they do at Sidmouth.


  • OK currently finalising the newsletter, keen to get this out ASAP and keep the momentum going.
  • Responses coming from the membership survey and members beginning to re-join.
  • To include input from all of the committee and a ‘Good Luck’ to the Ladies crew competing at the Masters on Saturday 9th in Lyme Regis.
  • OK to continue to keep the Facebook page and social media activity,


  • First social on the 23rd April , responses from the survey so far suggest that quarterly socials would be preferred by most members with informal opportunities. The ‘ethos’ social side of the club needs to be developed again.


  • JN and GP to be signatories. This needs handing over as a matter of urgency from the old committee. Nicky’s signature was still needed.


NEXT MEETING 4th May. Venue: The Police Club.

  • Evening rows, due to cox availability, will begin on Wednesday evenings. Low uptake for Sunday’s so ended until the Winter. OK to promote via social media on the water for 6pm
  • Yard keys – GP to get these cut.
  • JM to look at Coop funding/sponsorship. Previous work on Google Drive, see who could be approached eg Avocet Wealth Management.
  • Raffle for the 23rd to raise some club funds… all could be encouraged to donate prizes. JM
  • Next Regatta is Weymouth end of May


16 March 2022 @ 19:00 – 21:00hrs


Police Club, Rolle Rd, Exmouth


  • Greg Price (GP)
  • Nicola Price (NP)
  • Ollie Knights (OK) Remotely
  • Jeff Nicholls (JN)
  • Jen Mills (JM)
  • Victoria Leyland (VL)
  • Sue Golay (SG)





  • It was agreed that roles would be filled by committee members as follows:
    • Greg: Chair
    • Sue: Vice Chair
    • Ollie: Web and H&S
    • Jeff: Treasurer
    • Vic: Secretary
    • Nic: Club Captain
    • Jen: Social and Fundraising
  • It was also agreed that a club Bo’sun is required. GP to ask ‘Megan’s mum’ to visit again.
  • The possibility of a coaching team was discussed, for optional on land (monthly?) fitness challenges as well as on water training and club cohesion.
  • The idea of a selection body independent of the committee was also favoured for competitive crew selection. Initial suggestions were: George, Karen, Steve, Rob. The Club Captain (NP) would oversee both of these sub-committees and liaise between them and the committee.


  • The hard work of the outgoing committee was acknowledged. New members will liaise with Jay Leanne or Nicky as required for handover info. Handover doc on Google Drive.
  • It was agreed that the new committee would arrange an event where formal thanks could be expressed; JM to liaise with Mark S, around an event at the Police Club, and arrange appropriate gifts. 23rd April was suggested.


  • Membership fees to go up to £110 this year and become due at the end of March. The committee agreed that a period of grace was appropriate, and that the option to pay in instalments should remain. £5 individual payment due to CPGA in addition.
  • GP to communicate with wider membership re: fees, OK to facilitate payment via website.


  • Shortage of coxes is an immediate priority. A session focusing on coxes, Saturday 25th March suggested, GP to check tides, could also be used as an opportunity to swap positions of boats/trailers as required.
  • OK suggested a cox training ‘pathway’ for clarity of training stages and process.


  • GP and OK to liaise for a refresh on info from handbook.
  • NP suggested man overboard drill, kit audit required. OK will check lifejackets.


  • Long term Priority. JN to begin investigating some new options.


  • Can Pete Stobart attend next weekend for further discussion around equipment? Megan’s dad is to be asked to inspect trailers.
  • The club requires a new kit supplier. An email has come in from a supplier keen to work with us, GP will pick this up and investigate. Total Tee and Proserve also suggested.


  • GP to ask Tanya if she’d be willing to format/design a bi-monthly newsletter.
  • A survey of club membership is to be drafted by NP and JM to establish i) relevant skill sets of members and ii) what do people want from the club, to be submitted to OK and displayed as a standalone item on the website, and linked to the message board, by the end of March. (Operational questions could form part of membership form tbc).
  • Official club FB page needs input from wider team. OK also requested social media content be sent to him for IG.


See ‘Outgoing Committee’


  • It was decided that to arrange a regatta on 9th July is too short notice. A day of intra club racing followed by a social was suggested instead, and could perhaps become a regular format, extending invites to other clubs eg Sidmouth, Combwich.


  • SG suggested a coxes meeting to discuss details of evening rows
  • GP to get Duty Committee back up and running
  • SG requested that the club agree guidelines detailing parameters for acceptable rowing conditions, eg max tide, wind speed etc. Proposed to be used at Coxes’ discretion to allow for some flexibility.

NEXT MEETING 6th April SG to check availability

Archive Minutes