We want to keep everyone in the loop with Club and Committee activity. After each committee meeting, we plan to issue a summary of the matters discussed.

If as a member you want further details on any aspect please get in contact with one of the Committee.

The latest minutes will appear at the top of the page and get older as you work your way down.

LOCATION:     Langstone Drive

DATE:              26th July 2021 8.00pm

Attendees:      Jay, Nicky, Leanne

Apologies:      NA


  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
    Minutes agreed
  1. Treasurer update
    Forms to be taken to TSB for Nicky to be added
    Current funds are still not enough for any significant repairs to Shelly
  2. New members/Beginners/Coxes/Feedback
    We have had 2 new experienced rowers join up.
    New requests continue to come in and coxes will be asked if trail rows for complete beginners can start from mid/late August to clear enquiry backlog.
    Cox to be Co-opted onto the Committee to assist with Committee/Cox communication, 15mins at the beginning of each meeting to discuss updates/aspirations/concerns etc.
  3. Social Media
    Private FB page for members was re-established. A message was sent prior pointing those who were not members to the public facing page.  
    Sign up to the WhatsApp News Group has been good
    Posts to go out on MB, FB and WA regarding upcoming events
  4. Club Activity
    Barbeque rearranged for August 21st. Message already on the notice board.
    Topsham / Turf Lock Row to go onto the message board once a date is known.
  1. Competition
    The Intraclub row has been arranged for the 4th September with Combwich and Sidmouth confirming their attendance. Barbarian crews to be selected on the day. Food may be offered if no licence needed and equipment available. Permissions, Insurance and H&S. to be checked. Volunteers needed to help with arrangements on the day.
    Newquay is under review but not likely to go ahead. This leaves the 3 Rivers, Teign, Brixham Vets and IOS, all of which are on the message board for people to sign up to. All agreed a cut-off date is required to sign up to these events as crews need to be selected and train.
    All events are dependent on towers. A request has gone out for people to come forward if they are able to tow.
  2. Club Documentation
    NE to check and advise where updates are required in the constitution and members handbook.
  3. CPGA Strategy Liaison
    JL to remain as CPGA Liaison, No further update from the CPGA on the Strategy Survey.
  4. Cox Training
    Ollie and Mark have now started Trainee Coxing and Craig has also expressed an interest.
    Trainee Cox WhatsApp group has been setup to find available TC’s when needed
  5. Correspondence Received
    Email received from an anonymous sender was read out at the meeting and unified response composed, LP to post on the website.
    Anonymous feedback will be acknowledged and responses posted so the wider membership could see.
  6. CPGA Update
    CPGA have been informed that NE is our Safety Officer.
    All registers up to date.
  1. AOB
    Clubhouse search-no change-ongoing
    Proserve to be chased re: kit catalogue
    Push Press App as an option for members to pay for events /regattas etc-under review
    Exe Fitness to offer block session for off-water training

Date of next meeting:   TBC pending preparation for Sept 4th event

LOCATION:     Online via Zoom

DATE:              22nd June 2021 7.30pm (ended 10.30pm)

Attendees:      Jay, Graham, Nicky, Leanne

Apologies:      NA


  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
    Draft minutes agreed but yet to be published
  1. Treasurer account update
    Current funds improving as members join.
    Banks are not taking new accounts. Club to stay with TSB for now and NE added as signatory.
    Agreed repairs to Shelly on hold for the time being.
  2. Return to rowing review
    From April we have been able to offer regular rows on a Saturday and more recently on a Monday evening. Take up has been good.
    The Club is keen to be represent all interests with entry to local regattas and events.
    The Committee recognise the need to maintain a balance between club sessions and when training rows are undertaken in due course. Agreed that all members should have the opportunity to put their names forward for regattas and races.
  3. New members/Beginners/Coxes/Feedback
    New member requests continue to come in. LP has sent emails to all requests asking if details can be held whilst we make arrangements to get them on the water. All have agreed.
    Rob asked that one interested individual with rowing, coxing and knowledge of the be brought on the trial rows asap to assess their skills for the benefit of the club as a whole.
    Agreed those with Gig rowing be experience would be trialled first the pressure off current coxes whilst beginners sessions are sorted.
    Salcombe have a dedicated day and cox for beginners. Agreed this is something EGC could adopt.
    GD (outside of the meeting) put forward an interest to take on the planning and admin related to the beginner sessions.  No objections raised
    General feedback from current members is positive and they are happy to be back on the water.
  4. Race/Rowing Captain
    Following the return to rowing, of our two coxes Rob Santucci was approached regarding the role of Rowing/Race Captain
    It was agreed the role would encompass all aspects of rowing. Also agreed that the post-holder would report back to the Club Chair and attend Committee meetings in person as necessary.
    The nomination for Rowing Captain was supported by the Committee. Agreed the Committee meet together with Rob to see how it will work. Date agreed (outside of the meeting) was Monday 28th June after the evening rowing session.
  5. Social Media
    It has been noted that non-members currently have access to the Private FB page which was set up for members only. Agreed this should remain for members but access to the public page, with updates, maintained for non members.
    To relieve pressure on Ollie agreed LP needs more admin rights to the Website dashboard and NE needs to have admin access. JL to contact OK to arrange.
    Instagram and WhatsApp sites need to follow suit
  6. Club Activity
    JL suggested a picnic / barbeque on the Maer for mid/late July (after restrictions have been lifted). Mark Stephens (MS) keen to help with arrangements. GD to look into the use of barbeques, permissions etc. JL to liaise with MS.
    JL also spoke with MS about hiring the Police Club in October/November time for a club social get-together. MS will get back to JL with possible dates.
  7. Competition
    We have had a couple of requests to join regattas mainly in Cornwall. JL to look into these but all feel we are currently not ready.
    Other regattas/competitions are coming up but again we are not likely to be ready to field a team safely until much later in the season. Newquay is doubtful in September, 3 Rivers and Sidmouth could be a possibility.
    A fun “intra-club” row was discussed, all agreed it was a good event a couple of years ago and a good way to bring everyone together. Rob has said he will organise. Date to be confirmed (tide dependent)
    Simon Brownley would like to see a club row to Topsham and willing to help organise. Simon to put forward on Coxes WhatsApp.
  8. Club Strategy
    GD has agreed the current club strategy needs to be re-written. GD to send a draft to other committee members to comment 1wk prior to the next committee meeting*(when is this). It is proposed to have a completed document for review/comment by members by the end of August.
  9. CPGA Strategy Liaison
    JL asked GD to take on CPGA Strategy liaison now there is a Jurassic League group focussed on this.  JL and GD to both attend any meetings arranged on this topic. 
  10. Cox Training
    Leanne and Kathy continue with their Cox training. George returning has meant more opportunities to go out. Rob is also due back which will hopefully keep the training momentum going.
    George has stated an interest in taking out trainee coxes whenever he is on the water.
    Mark Stephens, Andy Boys and Ollie Knights have expressed interest in cox training.
    Discussion as to merit of a coach as well as a cox. Pros and cons for both but agreed it isn’t likely to be needed this season but something to look at as the club grows again and a matter for coxes to consider and agree.
  11. Kit
    LP reported that Tanya no longer has time to deal with the Club kit but has sought out a local company to handle this on the clubs behalf.
    Proserve operate from Dinan Way Industrial Estate and they have offered to host a page on their website dedicated to ECG club kit and accessories. A link will be available on our website and members can purchase and collect kit direct from Proserve.
    Discussion around who controls the costs which was confirmed by Tanya (after the meeting) as being Proserve. However, given Tanya’s prior knowledge of raw material costs etc. it was confirmed that very little is being made by the company.
  12. Clubhouse Progress
    JL to approach Edge regarding their shop by The Dockside Café. The fish shed unit was not suitable as too much work needed doing and rent was too high.
    Other proposals were the Sea Scout Hut by the Gut but nothing has been forthcoming from the Council, also a container behind the Forté ice-cream shop by the Lifeboat station but launching would be an issue
    GD to make some enquiries using contacts made via a different forum and feedback potential options.
  13. Correspondence Received
    Feedback from an anonymous sender was discussed so too the response from the Committee
  14. CPGA Update
    CPGA are collating numbers of rowers returning to the water and still reinforcing the need for coxes to wear masks or visors throughout the session and for all rowers to maintain social distancing whenever possible.
    The CPGA require that all clubs have a Safety Officer. NE was asked if she would like to take up this role which NE agreed and check CPGA requirements on website.
  15. AOB
    GD asked whether the Committee could make better use of WhatsApp to maintain better levels of communication. Agreed.
    NE suggested using Exe Fitness (ex Michael Beard) for a block session for Club off the water training. Agreed. NE to obtain further information.
    Mark Stephens asked JL if he could have the unused chipped oar in the yard store. He wants to use it in the Police Club to promote the club. JL had suggested to Mark they could “rent” the oar for the sum of £100 subject to Committee approval. Agreed. MS will arrange collection and payment in due course.
    Tanya had previously suggested putting local adverts in our newsletter as a way to generate income. Agreed that as our newsletter isn’t publicly available this has a limited application but it may be worth looking at in the future.
    The Committee recorded it and the Clubs thanks to Sue Golay for keeping members on the water. JL proposed that Sue’s membership fee be waived. A precedent is already in place for this for members who act above and beyond. Agreed.
  16. Date of next meeting:   Week Commencing 26th July – date and time TBC

LOCATION:     Online via Zoom

DATE:  12th May 2021 7.30pm

Attendees: Jay, Graham, Nicky, Victoria, Leanne

Apologies: NA


  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  1. Treasurer account update
    Current funds  in main account and savings account still not enough to get Shelly repaired.
    Discussed how and what funds we might now access with restrictions easing.
    Still looking to change bank – hindered by banks currently not accepting new accounts-review ongoing.
  2. Return to rowing
    More people have re-joined. Currently 32 members.
    Much interest from potential new members – some from experienced gig rowers from other clubs. Suggested they be invited to trial and join as no training required and no additional pressure for Rob and Sue.
    Positive feedback from members on efforts of coxes, cox trainees and Committee in making rowing available.
    Take up by past members slow but ongoing. (As we only have 2 coxes it is difficult to offer the range of club activity some members seek).
    Ambition is still to enter competitions and regattas and provide better opportunities for general club rowers to enjoy more varied rowing subject to cox availability.
    Rob and Sue to trial Monday evening rowing noting that Rob is due to have surgery soon and will not be available to cox whilst recovering.
    Covid protocols, masks, boat cleaning etc are working well.
    CPGA are still recommending coxes wear masks or visors throughout the session and be mindful how the sport is seen if members do not follow government guidelines.
    Agreed an advert be placed in Gig Rower as well as contact made with other local water clubs with experience of the Estuary to help with coxing.
  3. Club strategy drafted by GD to be reviewed and further member survey to support the club going forward.
  4. Newsletter
    Proposed that our next newsletter lists potential upcoming competitions. Acknowledged that competition, whether intra club or championship level is a key component of the Club.
  1. AOB
    With restrictions due to lift again in June discussed offering off the water Summer Activities such as bar-b-q, pub quiz etc. and on the water activities such as rows to Topsham and Turf Lock. To review.
    All agreed that Ollie should be co-opted onto the committee to handle website requests and maintenance
  1. Date of next meeting – TBC

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

DATE: 15th March 2021

Attendees: Jay, Graham, Nicky, Victoria & Leanne

Apologies: None


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Declaration of Interests/Conflicts of interest
    • None declared
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
    • AGM used as last meeting / Minutes need to be circulated (LP)
    • Finances need updating (JL)
  4. Record of thanks to outgoing Committee
    • Appropriate gifts for outgoing Committee members – (LP)
  5. Reports
    • Memberships, Bosun and Social Events organiser/s
    • All agreed as per AGM 
  6. Committee Roles and remits
    • Chair – Jay
    • Secretary – Leanne
    • Treasurer – Nicky
    • Vice Chair – Graham
    • New Member Secretary – Victoria
    • Health and Safety/Wellbeing – TBA
    • Environment – TBA
    • Race Captain – Not required yet
    • Bosun – TBA
    • Cox’s liaison – Jay L working with Sue G
    • Juniors – Victoria
  7. Sub-committees
    • Club House – Jay & Liz to continue (if Liz is in agreement)
    • Constitution – Graham
    • Bosun – Suggested Rob Santucci could be approached alongside other members
    • Health and Safety – Ollie Knights is co-opted to advise on all H+S matters
    • Environment – volunteers to be sought from the membership
    • Race Captain – role, remit and structure to be considered once rowing has been re-established
  8. Membership fees
    • All agreed that annual fee on renewal will be £100 / members to have the option to spread payments over 5 consecutive month with all payments made by end July first payment to be made by end of March. Membership to reopen for new members in May once rowing is established. No student discounts and Junior fees to be re-confirmed when a Junior section is set up.
  9. Overarching themes for the year
    • Return to rowing
    • 3rd April for existing members who renew only at present potentially on a bi weekly basis for the first month. • Crews will be mixed ability and only social rows will be offered at present.
    • Cox’s training
    • Currently only Sue and Simon as confirmed coxes. Rob Santucci has offered assistance to continue Kat and •Leanne’s training. Ben has offered to go through their theory based training via zoom.
  10. CPGA
    • Responses to proposals to be gathered through the club
  11. Health and safety for individuals and crews
    • Being reviewed by Ollie and will be published before rowing on the 3rd April
  12. Formalised training regimes
    • To be reviewed in due course
  13. Events/Activity/Regatta
    • No Regatta this year, but look to hold a social event in July/August such as an Intra Club Row and inviting Sidmouth as our closest Jurassic club. All of the above is subject to Government Guidelines and RoadMap
  14. Website maintenance
    • Ollie to continue maintenance
  15. Fundraising
    • Heart Matters Fund opens in April, Leanne to enter our bid
  16. Club cohesiveness
    • Focus on Social rowing and events to rebuild club cohesion
  17. Matters by Chairman’s discretion
    • None
  18. AOB
    • Change of Bank – Due to past issues with current bank, NE to look at alternatives
    • JL proposed that duties of unfilled post such as Bosun could be met by sub groups of members in the short term until such time as posts could be filled.
  19. Date of next meeting – 24th March

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

DATE: 3rd March 2021

Attendees: Jay, Tanya, Anna, Sue, Katie, Dave, Sophie, Gary, Simon, Evie, Jimmy, Victoria C, Kat, Graham, Liz, Nicky, Victoria L, Jo W, Hannah, Leanne, Jo H, Karen, Tim, Matt, Angela, Ollie, Jen G, Sarah B, Andy B, Steve W

Apologies: Keith


  • Welcome
    • Notice to say the AGM will be recorded – No objections raised
  • Minutes of last meeting
    • As there was no AGM in 2020 due to the pandemic, a vote was taken and it was agreed that the 2020 AGM Reports be taken as read.
  • Constitutional Amendment – Online Voting System
    • Request made to undertake a change in the Constitution to include Online Voting
    • Vote was taken and all agreed the change
  • Chairman’s Report
    • Chair referenced disappointment of the Committee in not being able to offer rowing in 2020 due to the pandemic.
    • Chair advised that the day to day running of the Club had been maintained. A new cover was delivered for Shelly with her old cover moving to Rodney. Rodney’s old cover has replaced the one on Avocet which was recycled.
    • Cover frames had been ordered and received but support rails still need to be fitted and the frames varnished before use.
    • Repairs to Shelly were discussed but the Club had insufficient funds to meet the quote put forward by Patrick Bird and even a reduced scope was not affordable at this time. Other quotes had been sought from Louis Hunkin and Andrew Nancarrow but neither had been able to view Shelly or provide a quote.
    • Chair thanked the outgoing Committee members for all its efforts and those of Ollie Knights in maintaining the website and preparing the Risk Assessment.
  • 2021 Reports
    • All reports had been previously circulated to members.
    • Chair reported as Treasurer, and on finance and sponsorship
    A query was raised over a discrepancy in the figures which was explained as a typo. The figures as at 1st March 2021 were correctly reported as £1,927.07 and £4,070.17.
    • Health and safety report delivered by Anna Wilson.
    • Other reports referenced by Chair.
    All agreed as per AGM
  • Committee Nominations
    • The following outgoing Committee members, Tanya, Sue, Katie, Anna and Dave all stood down.
    • Jay, Victoria L, Graham and Leanne have submitted applications to stand for the Committee.
    • All nominations supported by the Members by a show of hands.
  • Thank you’s
    • The Committee’s Choice Cup went to Ollie for his work on the Risk Assessment for Covid and Website updates and maintenance.
    • Chair thanked the membership for its continued support during the year with the hope and expectation of a return to rowing in 2021.
  • AoB
    • A question was raised about the Clubs view on CPGA proposals.
    • Jay responded that the Club had fed back into the proposals both via online survey and at Q+A sessions. Jay had attended discussion with the Jurassic League clubs about a unified response and urged people to send their thoughts and idea on the proposals to the Committee.
    • A further suggestion was raised in that the CPGA waive the annual fee and charge a fee per Club commensurate with the number of members. This would be fairer and less difficult to manage. Jay agreed to put this forward as part of the ongoing engagement with CPGA.
  • The meeting ended with thanks again to all members who attended. The meeting was quorate and met the requirements of the constitution.

DATE:  14th January 2021, 8pm (via Zoom)

Attendees: Dave, Sue, Jay, Leanne, Katie, Tanya

Apologies: Anna


1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

Addressed, nothing arising

2. Return to rowing

CPGA advice.

3. Treasurer-account update

All upcoming bills paid, CPGA, Cover from Gigass, Mens shed and insurance.
Still having issues with TSB, who lost the form to remove Nicky E as a signatory. Tanya has looked at different Banks. Barclays looks promising as does Nationwide.

4. Newsletter, quiz and beach clean dates?

JL to write a rounding up of the year that wasn’t, also to mention/encourage new signups for the committee. AGM information to be sent via email rather than Mail chimp, so Application Forms for joining the committee can be attached for easy access.

5. Quiz

Katie H to confirm Quiz date as £0 th January subject to current commitments. Proposed a  Prize of £10 off membership fee.

6. Beach Cleans

On hold until after lockdown

7. Boats, boat cover and support frames

Dave has advised that boats are ok and don’t need to go back into the water, just keep towels moist in hulls etc. Can’t put them back in anyway because of lockdown. New cover should help Shelly. Old cover needs to be put onto Avocet. Cover supports need some minor adjustments, also need varnishing. SG offered to help varnish them, JL to build braces for the frames and seek ‘handypersons’ to assist.

8. Sports England Bid

Bid unsuccessful as our ask not deemed as a priority.

9. Clubhouse progress

Sea Scouts site and sharing will be some years away given lease, works that need doing and safeguarding issues potentially. On back burner for now.
Sail Loft – Were offered to store boats in the yard with similar costs to Cadets, more manoeuvrability for the boats. But no club house though as Sail Loft rent would be too high and only a short term arrangement until the site was developed. A unit below harbour masters possibly available shortly. JL to find out more. Also use of loading pontoon?

10. AGM-planning/Zoom/email

AGM will be held 3rd March at 7.30 via zoom. Will need a pre EGM to vote in for online/zoom votes for the AGM and future items that need members to vote on.  Meeting to be recorded, need to check online voting Zoom protocols.

11. Committee membership-default position

All of the Committee will stand down. If no members or insufficient numbers of members step forward to form a committee then we will have a skeletal team to look after the club assets. Rota to check boats etc. Leanne and JL will put themselves forward for re-election. Nicky E has suggested she would be willing to be a co-optee but does not want to be on the Committee.

12. Securing new members-action

Deferred until new Committee formed.

13. Refund of membership fees?

All those who requested a refund have received it. Several members who paid in full asked that their membership be kept for 2021-2022 season. However given ongoing uncertainty around when we may be able to offer rowing, the committee will ask those members if they want the money refunded.

14. Membership fee for 2021 to remain as £100 for full membership. 

Fees for social members and student are unchanged. The application of membership fees for 2021 to be determined and agreed by the new Committee post March 3rd.

15. Quotes and timing for Shelly repair-if approved

Repairs to shelly will be on hold. Our current funds are now insufficient to progress with this work. JL to obtain quotes for reduced spec of work to tackle the essential items like splitting/cracking and will not include refreshing the paintwork for example.

16. Correspondence received

CPGA AGM due shortly. Agenda includes for change to CPGA role and function as volunteer status to professional status with employment of paid full time staff. JL to advise detail post AGM.

17. AOB

KH wants to repurpose old avocet cover for personal use. Agreed by the Committee given its poor state.

Date of next meeting – Monday 8th Feb 8pm

Meeting Date 2nd November at 7.30pm – Via Zoom

Present: Tanya Netherway, Sue Golay (VC), Jay Lambe (C), Katie Hansford, Dave Lomas, Leanné Peake

Apologies: Anna Wilson

Actions Marked in italic


1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Minutes of meeting 5th October circulated by Jay, approved by all. Matters arising addressed in Agenda.

2. Trial Row – outcomes and next steps

Trial row went well but exit from the boat needs to be quicker to stop potential drifting.
Discussed the practicalities of bubbles and the potential need for stronger rowers in the bubbles because of our waters.
The video was shared with the coxes and whilst they gave positive feedback saying they were happy with the work done thus far, they are not ready to return to coxing just yet.

Agreed: that the Trial Row video will be shared with the membership to show what we anticipate may be required when we get back on the water.

Agreed: that given the new lockdown, CPGA advice and current lack of coxes, no rowing can be offered at present. The position will be reviewed again in the New Year.

3. Treasurer Report Update

We are now able to use Online Banking
Request from a member to return the full membership fee paid (less the £10)

Agreed: that those who had paid annual membership in full could have a refund if requested of £90

4. Newsletter, Quiz and Masterclass Progress

Articles to be obtained for the newsletter and the Trial Row video will be included.
The last masterclass was an interesting insight into Exmouth’s past and well received. The next one will be a Sea-Shanty sing-along scheduled for December
The next quiz is being worked on and will be held in December
Storm Aiden meant the beach clean had to be postponed but will look to reschedule at the end of this lockdown (Dec 5/6th)?

Agreed: TN to collate items for the newsletter and draft to load the Exmouth Marina video to the website

Agreed: KH to arrange the next Masterclass, Quiz and Beach clean

Agreed: there will be no more Masterclasses after December

5. Boats and Boat Cover

The new boat cover has been delayed and now won’t be ready until mid November. Photos of Shelly are required so the fabricator can check sizes. We will be advised when we can collect.

Agreed: JL to take photos and send to the fabricator and thank Roseland Gig Club for stepping back to allow our cover to be completed.

6. Sports England Bid

Sports England have announced the “Return to Play” fund available for clubs who have struggled as a result of Covid-19. Repairs to Shelly will form part of this request.

Agreed: LP to continue working on the bid and to increase the request for support

Agreed: LP to obtain the Sports England login information from Ben. 

Agreed: JL and DL to get quotes for the repair of Shelly

7. Club Set-up

When looking at the Sports England bid it was noted that EGC is set up as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) rather than a Charity. There are Pros and Cons to being a CASC and more information is needed before discussions can be made on whether we change to a Charity. 

Agreed: TN to ask GP/NP for the reason behind setting up as a CASC.

8. Clubhouse Progress

The Sail Loft has been put forward as a possible option for a clubhouse and boat storage. Exmouth Marina (owners) are willing to offer accommodation to the Club including boat storage but rental would attract VAT which the Club would not be able to recover. There are currently no facilities in the Sail Loft. Terms etc to be discussed by Exmouth Marina Board before formal offer made to EGC.

The Sea Scout Hut is also still a possibility but could be some 3yrs before it is ready.

It was noted recently that members of the Sea Cadets are parking inconsiderately in the yard making it difficult to manoeuvre the boats. JL brought this to their attention and they have agreed to be more aware. In correspondence it was noted that use of the disabled toilet and a room for winter training had been available. This is to be explored further when Covid provisions allow. It was also mentioned that EGC may receive a request to increase our “donation” to continue using the yard. The amount or timing of this request is currently unknown and discussions around use of the building will be revisited after lockdown. The Sea Cadets are due to hold their AGM shortly and a new Chairman appointed.

Agreed: DL to check progress of the Sea Scouts hut

Agreed: JL to go back to Exmouth Marina to gather further information as to lease term and rent. 

Agreed: JL to liaise with the Sea Cadets on access to the building after lockdown.

9. Risk Assessment Update – Sea Cadets

Our Risk Assessment has been shared with the Sea Cadets. They too have their own RA in place which does not address the use of the building by others

Agreed: JL to bring to the attention of the Sea Cadets

10. Other Activity – Pending return to rowing

Apart from the Masterclass, Quiz, Beach Clean in December nothing further has been arranged.

Agreed: by ALL that nothing further will be arranged this year.

11. Next steps – Overarching themes for the year

Cox’s training: Nothing we can offer at present
Health and Safety for individuals and crews: Not applicable until we are back on the water
Formalised training regimes: Not applicable until we are back on the water
Events/Activity: Continuation of Masterclasses and quizzes
Website refresh/Content: Ongoing
Fundraising: Apart from applying for grants we are unable to fundraise in the current climate
Club cohesiveness: All Agreed we are trying our best to maintain the club ethos in difficult circumstances

12. Correspondence Received

Correspondence was received from a non club member who askedwhy recent committee members had left. It was also requested the letter be read out at the committee meeting for all to comment on which was duly carried out.

Agreedby ALL that the reasons why committee members left are personal to those members, and not for the committee to comment on.

Agreed: The content of the response letter was discussed, written and agreed by ALL

13. AOB

Special thanks to Ollie for capturing, collating and editing the trial row video

QR Code to be created, installed and scanned when using the yard – LP to obtain from .Gov site

No bins are available for the Beach Clean as yet – KH to chase

Avocet Licence not yet received from EDDC – JL to chase

Error on the website stating IOS 2022 was cancelled – TN to check and change

Meet your Committee info for the Newsletter – TN to be the focus

14. Date of next meeting

8th December (via Zoom) 8.00pm.

Meeting Date 5th October – Via Zoom

Present: Anna Wilson, Tanya Netherway, Sue Golay,  Jay Lambe (chair), Dave lomas

Late arrival: Katie Hansford

Actions Marked in italic


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Minutes of meeting 8th September and 21st September circulated by Jay approved. Matters arising addressed in Agenda.

Covid rowing provisions update and sign off

The Risk Assessment has been updated with risk re-calculated from highest level of 15 to 12. The mitigations have been formulated into a template with some further clarity over role of Covid co-Ordinator and it is suggested that a video is made to assist rowers in understanding what is expected of them. This will be made when the trial row is undertaken.

Agreed: The revised RA and Mitigations are signed off and circulated to coxes.

Agreed: The RA can be shared with other Clubs who request it. Teign have requested it be shared with them.

Trial row arrangements-do we have all we need

Dates for trial row likely end of month 24th October. Sanitisers and wipes will be provided. A removable sanitiser hand pump will be installed in the boat via back plate and clamp.

Discussion over thermometer and use thereof. Question over benefit. AW to investigate further.

Agreed: SG to organise row, with video to be taken.

Applications to join Committee-approval/rejection/method of acceptance

Application received from Leanne Peake. Application supported unanimously by a show of hands. Noted EGM not required as single applicant and Committee not at capacity.

Agreed: Leanne accepted onto Committee. To be confirmed by email.

Treasurer-role management-account update

Advised Constitution allows for Committee members to share responsibility of posts which are unfilled.

Limited outgoings expected over next few months. Rent, Insurance, Boat cover, incidentals for Covid procedures etc and Zoom account.

Agreed: JL and SG to manage account until AGM.

Agreed: Nicky to sign cheques whilst Bank update signatories.

Newsletter, quiz and masterclass

Newsletter to be updated to note appointment of Leanne. Reference to Treasure request to be deleted. Tanya explained what was sought and envisaged for members contributions to newsletters and this would be a trial.

Masterclass in train and being organised by TN and KH on history of Club. Harbourmaster has been invited to speak. Date 22nd October (tbc)

Quiz – Katie to host 8 rounds. Date 14th November. Prize suggested-voucher/discount etc. KH/AW

Agreed: Newsletter to invite submission of articles of interest from members and potentially adverts in due course.

Agreed: KH to check availability of video on history of Port.

Boats and boat cover

Cleaning of covers from dirt and algae.  Jl to explore use of powerwasher for ease if electric can be made available.

Agreed: Committee to arrange between themselves in coming weeks. Possibly after trial row.

Other activity-pending any return to rowing

Noted difficulty in organising anything given current and increasing restrictions.

Beach clean suggested with small groups of members.

Agreed: KH to investigate further and organise

Agreed: Members suggestions to be sought for Club activities that Committee could help arrange/endorse/support.

Next steps – Overarching themes for the year

Cox’s training – Max provided useful overview and suggested use of existing material pending ability to carry out on the water training.

Agreed: To explore existing online materials to develop and support training programme.

Health and safety for individuals and crews – Generally felt the Club were ok with this but to encourage incident reporting that could be addressed and learnt from.

Agreed: A refresh for members on incident reporting when back to rowing.

Formalised training regimes-discussion around developing rowers skills and confidence. Suggestion of ‘grading’ with rowers going through beginners stage, acquiring an agreed set of skills and competencies, before moving through to ‘intermediate’ and then onto ‘competent’ and ‘experienced’. Coxes to confirm individuals ability to move to next category in line with agreed criteria.

Discussion around greater clarity around selection processes and requirements for all crews, both training, racing and social.

Discussion on mixing some rows so that less experienced rowers could learn from more experienced rowers. Suggestion of ‘Surprize Saturday’ where if feasible rowers are allocated a seat on the day.

Agreed: To be considered further when back to rowing and to open a dialogue with coxes/coaches to define skill and competency parameters for rower levels..Events/Activity-Discussed. See previous items.

Website refresh/content

Ongoing. Site clearer and easier to navigate with greater consistency across images and formats.

Agreed:  To keep under review.


Discussion of whether the Club and its members should seek to support a fundraising activity/group given ongoing pandemic and seasonal demands.

Agreed: This was worthwhile. AW to explore perhaps one off event or donation activity as with foodbank previously.

Club cohesiveness

Noted difficult to maintain in current climate, with conflicting demands and commitments of many members.

Agreed: We continue to review our plans for a return to rowing, complete masterclass series, seek ways to engage with members and maintain contact


Club ‘party’…..awards?

Question on whether we could/should offer a forum for Christmas party/awards as in previous years.

In discussion agreed this was not feasible at this time.

Agreed: Not to pursue

JL suggested we might ask GC to create a series of Christmas or similar, comedic cards reflecting on Club activity this year.

Agreed: To pursue. TN to follow up.

The yard. Noted when the boats were being recovered that the yard was blocked by cadet members cars making it difficult to manoeuvre the boats in a confined space. It was disappointing there were no offers of help from Cadet members present or an offer to move cars.

Agreed : JL to write formally to complain and seek better arrangements going forward.

Date of next meeting

2nd November (via Zoom) 7.45pm closing at 9.15pm.

Meeting Date 21st September – Via Zoom

Present: Anna Wilson, Katie Hansford, Sue Golay, Nicky England, Jay Lambe (chair) Sarah Boys

Apologies: Tanya Netherway, Dave Lomas

Actions Marked in Bold

Proposed Agenda

The Agenda was amended and items deferred to enable discussion on a return to rowing

Return to Rowing* added to agenda in light of CPGA update

Committee Strategy, Constitution/Handbook Review


JL provided an update rom the CPGA forum of 17th September. Currently circa 70% of Clubs have returned to rowing or are about to do so. Remainder are considering position in light of Government guidance and possibility of further restrictions. Queries raised over sanitising procedures, pre-row protocols, in boat protocols-removal of masks at agreed distance, and launch and recovery. The latter was not seen as a particular issue given boat was sanitised, likewise hands of rowers who were also masked, and procedure to launch/recover a matter of minutes.

Agreed: Committee to continue working with our coxes to allay any concerns to enable rowing to recommence.

Responses to survey to gauge interest of members to return to rowing limited. 22 responses, 8 of which said no.

A trial row was proposed.

Agreed: SG to organise. Rowers to be drawn from Committee and others from associated household bubbles in the first instance-whilst procedures to row are being tested.

The lack of coxes in the Club was noted and discussion continued on how to encourage more and support existing coxes. Ideas included reduced membership fees, possible contribution to winter protective clothing, having coach in pilot to reduce demands on coxes and formalising coxes training programme.

Agreed: SG  to ask current coxes and ex coxes if they would be willing to attend set rows to train new coxes.

Agreed: JL to contact Max to see if he would be willing with others to develop a Club Coxes Programme that could be delivered over time (2 hour sessions) and where appropriate via Zoom. Water based sessions to follow when rowing resumed.

Agreed: Possible implementation of Coxes training to be considered post trial row.

Agreed : Risk Register to be reviewed as previously agreed. AW to obtain suitable products for sanitising boat / oars etc. Consideration to be given to manner of disposal of waste from cleansing.


JL proposed our Club strategy could be reviewed whilst rowing not in progress. This in turn would lead to a review of the Constitution now that the Club is larger. Strategy would focus on the ambition and vision for the Club, to consider the following items. (this list is indicative only).

  • Current situation – survey outcomes, what do they tell us
  • Good things/bad things – what are we good at, what do we need to improve
  • Areas of focus – coxes training, junior section, supporting wider Club
  • Role of Race Captain – sub-group support, potential for Rowing Captain to organise social and other competitive challenges that are not race driven
  • Numbers the Club can support
  • Requirement for membership – fitness levels, H+S considerations

In discussion it was suggested that a sub-committee could be set up to look at this and to include members. The sub-committee to report to the Committee member responsible for overseeing this task. It was noted a suitable brief for a sub-committee would be needed, and members in it representative of the Club makeup to ensure a balance of views and input was achieved.

There is a desire to meet expectations of different groups of rowers without detriment to others, ie those interested in racing, training and endurance type challenges as well as those interested in ‘one offs’ like the Great River race, or Loch Ness row. Social rowing to Topsham, Exe café etc to be encouraged and to expand with opportunities to be open to all.

Through discussion it was

Agreed: Whilst acknowledged the strategy is important and underpins what the Club is about, given the current climate and restrictions in place, it was felt now is not the time as people have other priorities.

Discussion deferred to later date to be agreed.


KH proposed that the Club seek to help tackle plastic pollution on our beaches and in our waters by providing a large bin on the beach at Exmouth. The bin would be marked with the EGC logo. A similar idea has been deployed at Ladram Bay.

Agreed: KH to investigate costs and requirements to do this in the first instance.

Date of next meeting: TBA

Meeting Date 8 September – Via Zoom

Present: Dave, Sue, Jay, Tanya, Sarah, Katie, Sarah

Late arrival: Nicky
Apologies: None

Actions Marked in italic

Present-giving ceremony on 12th September preparations:

Agreed: Meet 4pm by Avocet, chair to present gifts, track and trace on day.


Being maintained but need to in the water. SB offered to organise.

Return to rowing

Ongoing discussion. Risk Assessment and Mitigation document shared with Coxes for input. Feedback positive but concerns remain re: return to rowing.

Agreed – SG to liaise with coxes to understand any specific concerns that could be addressed to help coxes feel more comfortable with return to rowing.

Agreed – in line with other Clubs we are looking at crew ‘bubbles’.  Noted  if in a bubble, and someone tests positive all crew in bubble  will be a fortnight in quarantine.        

Agreed– SG to organise trial row to test proposals for mitigation and to note any amendments needed.

Agreed-ALL-Focus of Committee is to facilitate a return to rowing IF possible. To that end  there are no beginners sessions, or extra sessions. . Two coxes in each bubble envisaged to allow each to cox and row.

Little capacity to facilitate rows without more coxes.

To review on monthly basis pending further advice from CPGA/ British Rowing and Government.

Email risk assessment and mitigations to the club members.

Coxes training

Recognised Club needs more coxes. Currently 6 are members, and 6 with membership pending. There are two further coxes who are members that need to be signed off, and 3 in training. None of the member coxes can sign off.

Agreed – theory could be taught while off water, one to one training on estuary via kayak or boat, consider inviting rowers to train as coxes e.g. after rowing for the club for a year? Sharing other Club coxes? Developing training programme and incentives ie reduced fees/rota for coxing.

Master classes – next about fitness on Thursday

Social fitness group off water for club members 

This will not be a Club activity due to insurance requirements but individual members can chose to organise small groups (no more than six and socially distanced) who may want to do circuits on the beach etc.

Fall challenge 

Concept 2 challenge.  This is not a club event, and team consists of both members and non- members. Club supportive of activity and will advertise for members who may be interested.

Virtual challenge – all happy with this going live.

Quiz – next in Oct/Nov via zoom KP to host

Licence for Avocet – Paid

Banking update

TSB-new signatories still not up and running. Proposal to consider new provider as soon as all control transferred to current committee members.


a.) Club Strategy and Constitution – does it need a refresh given size of Club/Covid  

Agreed– Committee to read Constitution and Handbook and discuss at next meeting with view to proposed update and engagement with members

b.) Newsletters – could offer a marketing/advertising opportunity if made available to members of the Community

Agreed – ALL- to consider costs and likely circulation and membership views.

Date of next Meeting -21st September via Zoom

Meeting Date 23 July – Beach Pub

Attendees: Katie, Jay, Sarah, Tanya, Sue

Apologies: Anna, Dave, Nicky

Actions marked in bold.

Sarah outlined Master Classes she is organising.

  • Session 1: Thursday 6th August: Hear from your Coxswains
  • Session 2:  Rowing technique and fitness
  • Session 3:  Gig boat, kit and yard etiquette
  • Session 4:  History of Exmouth gig club plus guest gig club speakers
  • Session 5:  Racing with Exmouth Gig Club, entering other events and organising your own events.

Jay currently trying to get a deal with Zoom, perhaps a rolling month by month so not stuck in a contract. Costs are 11.99 +VAT per month. Annually £119 +VAT.

Bank account will be taking couple more weeks before being sortedand enabled to allow for online banking. In process. Nicky following up.

Tanya to create list of those paid in full. Refunds currently given to those requesting it. One member has asked has theirs £120 stay with the Club to offset next years fees.

Club Quiz night, Angela needs about 2 weeks notice. Jay will liasewith Angela. Date agreed 7th Aug.

Tanya to put on message board and and facebook.

Discussed to keep a regular date free for the Committee meetings, agreed 1st Monday of every month. Next meeting 7 Sept.

Tanya suggested idea for top trumps style point system for crew selection. E.g Availability, Erg, fitness test, enthusiasm etc. To be discussed more.

Discussions turned to scout hut. Understand to have a 40 year lease on it from the Council. The Hut is in poor repair with no services but Council may be prepared to install drainage and power IF viable. Dave leading on negotiations.

Other possible options were put forward including revisiting use of the Sea Cadets building. Jay/ Liz to continue with club house journey.

As part of the thinking on masterclasses and engaging with members there was discussion on doing fitness training on the beach. Possibly to do Sat, Sun or Thurs eve?

Boat cover deposit has been paid. Date for cover receipt unknown.

Jay to ask Gigass for discount against seats, footstraps etc or package deals for our members. Benefit for hygiene during COVID times.

Back to rowing risk assessment discussed. We discussed Katies process for getting back to rowing. We all agreed it was good but will wait to see what CPGA recommends and incorporate their suggestions. It was suggested that people when they book on as part of the booking will need to sign a form that states health, a waiver on Club responsibility if they contract Covid and confirmation of responsibility for own health and safety by complying with approved guidance. Again if someone falls ill a replacement will need to be on hand from shore crew.

COVID policy up on the website. Waiting CPGA update for back to rowing. Hold off on any plans until then.

Club Risk Assessment being updated. Jay/Anna inputting into this.

Jay raised matter of race/rowing captain going forward. Agreed aseparate meeting to be held to discuss.

Jay raised need to review/refresh Constitution. Agreed meeting 21st September with Agenda to be issued on 14th September. All Committee to familiarise themselves with Constitution and members handbook as two read together. All tomake notes on what needs to change.

Ongoing support for Friends in need? Take part in beach cleans in club kit. More presence needed in the community.

Query Polly’s work on Club Environment strategy. Was this concluded and approved? Can it be located.

Katie suggested that we could do a promotional film which sounds like fun but needs to be explored further.

Katie and Tanya (poss Sarah) are going to prepare a draft response to Gig Rower who want a profile of the Club-to promote it.

Tanya is going to write the next update/minutes summary and look at organising the gift giving for the exiting Committee.

Minutes Summary 15th June 2020

Membership – Agreed a new membership – wide survey would be undertaken to help find the best way to direct the club, manage funds and support members.

Access to website being improved as most members access by mobile.

A review of the constitution needed given increase in membership and different interests of membership to be met.

Communications – Regular updates to be issued together with minutes summary post committee meetings. And CPGA updates to be circulated.

Feedback function to include protocols on use, so feedback can be better understood and responded to appropriately.

Website – Undergoing updates and improvements. Comments on new look and ease of use welcome.

Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Guidelines being updated.

Club Activity – The Club is arranging various activities. Activities can be arranged by any member and open to other members. See Notice Board as usual for details.

Banking – Existing arrangement under review.

Kit – boats are being maintained. New kit required and is priced. New cover for Shelly ordered.

Clubhouse – search still ongoing. Joint use of Sea Scouts current site possible.

Next meeting 22nd July

Minutes of meeting 15/01/2020

Present – Dave, Greg, Gary, Kat, Sue, Sarah, Anna, George (dialled in)
Apologies: Polly

Highlights of minutes – Sarah to speak to Ollie about putting this on the website.

Committee leavers – Anna, Sarah, Dave and Sue remaining, others to step down at end of March. Agreed that email would go out describing all of the roles. Gary will draft this and Kathy will send out.

AGM to be held at Police Club on Tues 17th March also to be a celebration of 6 years of the club. Notification of this, minutes of last AGM and instructions about motions to be emailed out.

Treasurers report – Total of £14,000 funds in accounts, some discussion about Scilly fee took place, Greg has calculated between £25 and £30 charge, further discussion at next meeting, along with discussion about membership fees for 2020/21.

Crews update – Training has begun for 3R and IOS. George to draft email to try to get crew members for Mens Scilly vets, Kat will send, to local clubs.

Exmouth regatta – Gary happy to still be involved after AGM, he will begin immediate actions. Kat will remind him!

Updating website – Sarah will speak to Ollie about this.

Incident reporting – Procedure for this to be highlighted in next newsletter. Notice to be put on coxes WhatsApp (Greg) to remind all coxes to check wellbeing of crew while setting off from the beach.

Party – Plan for party, skittles night, non coxes bring a plate of food, coxes get a free drink. Club to subsidise this and prizes for skittles. Teams for skittles sorted on the night.
Email to go out, Gary to design artwork, facebook and message board.

Club house and kit – clubhouse still being pursued, Rodney nearly ready, will be ready for 3R, Shelly has been weighed 900kg, too heavy for most to tow, one safety bag is missing, lifejackets to be replaced by Sue.

AOB – Gary to add Masters to message board
3R training row up to Topsham mentioned.
Intraclub regatta suggested for Scilly weekend,
£25 UKSRL day, Gary to advertise this.

DONM – Weds 12 Feb 2020

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