The committee meets once a month to discuss all things Exmouth Gig Club and to make decisions in the best interest of all our members. Members wishing to join the committee can do so by checking out appendix 5 of the constitution and following the instructions on how to stand as a candidate.

Chair Jeff Nicholls

Vice Chair Sue Golay

Club Captain Jules Hardwick

Treasurer Jen Mills

Club Secretary Gina Rodgers

Health, Safety and Welfare Officer Charity Phillips

You can contact the committee via the feedback form in the members section of the website.

Alternatively, they can usually be found on Shelly beach for club sessions!

Committee members correct as of April 2024.

If you would like to join the committee then please fill out the application form (note there is a different form if you wish to join at the beginning or middle of the season)

Sub-committee Members

Women’s Captain TBC

Men’s Captain Steve Williams

Men’s Selection Committee Nicola Price & Karen Mossman

Women’s Selection Committee Steve Williams, George Ford & Greg Price

Social Rowing Sub – Committee Toby Mottram, Sue Riley & Liz Deasy