Exmouth Gig Club are once again setting their sights on commissioning a brand new wooden Gig, as club activities expand yet further.
After our second World Championships since the club launched, we are once again busy taking part in local regattas and various community events; the club are regularly attracting more new members taking to the water on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
As the club grows, there is a clear need for more equipment so that they can offer Gig Rowing to more people and the current equipment they use for racing is some of the oldest on the racing circuit.

As the club looks to the future, they have submitted a funding bid to the One Family Foundation in the hope that they will raise the funds to purchase a brand new wooden Pilot Gig.

In order to secure funding we need supports to register and then vote for our cause.

Voting opens on the 4th July but you can register now in preparation for then at this link.
The projects with the most votes are awarded £25,000.

An award of £25,000 would allow us to commission and purchase a new, traditionally built, wooden gig, along with the relevant equipment including seat pads, oars and safety equipment. Only traditionally built wooden gigs are allowed to compete.
Having a new wooden Gig built is without doubt one of the most special moments for a club and these beautifully crafted boats become a part of the community leaving a legacy for years to come”.

The local community and surrounding area benefit from the activities offered by our not for profit club. Gig rowing has many health and social benefits, providing a safe and welcoming environment to people of all backgrounds from the age of 14 upwards to participate in this fast growing sport.
The club attracts people who admit they might otherwise not exercise at all. Exmouth Gig Club are forging links with the local community college currently as they work towards being able to offer Junior rowing sessions.

Register and vote here!