Rowers from Exmouth Gig Club amassed a whopping 1,120,321m as they took to their ergs for the Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge. The 14 rowers had one month to rower as many meters as possible for the club.

Exmouth Gig Club finished 92nd in the world within the “on the water” category and 53rd for teams between 6 and 20 members.

Special mention should go to Gary Cook, Greg Price, Sarah Ingram, Matt Neatherway and Steve Willams for all breaking the 100k+ mark and to George Ford who surpassed an eye watering 300k!

The full results are below:

Pos. NameDistance
1George Ford302,072m
2Gary Cook171,928m
3Greg Price157,703m
4Sarah Ingram153,709m
5Matt Netherway106,824m
6Steve Williams106,310m
7Robin Santucci32,633m
8Ollie Knights29,138m
9Nicola Price28,111m
10Jo Williams14,500m
11Tanya Netherway9,032m
12Sarah Boys6,361m
13Dillon P2,000m