The Mens training / selection committee – Karen, Nicola and the womens training/ selection committee George and Greg have worked together to form a system that fairly enables as many people as possible to get out training in preparation for future races. This system will be regularly updated based on fitness, on / off water training, erg times, crew balance and technique.


Pool 1Pool 2APool 2B
Pete S


Pool 1Pool 2Pool 3
MeganTanyaLiz D
NicolaSarah ISue G
KarenAngelaKatie H
CarrieJo WSue R
Sarah BNicky E
Vic L
Sara S

How will it work?

Men’s Pools

Each training session, where possible, two mens boats will go out; Training boat 1 (coxed by Karen ) and Training boat 2 (coxed by Sue G/Nicola ).

Training boat 1 will be made up of the available Pool 1 rowers and then filled from Pool 2A . Depending on availability, this crew could also be filled from pool 2B if needed or requested by the men’s selection committee.

Training boat 2 will be filled with at least two Pool 2A rowers & two Pool 2B rowers then filled subject to availability. Some rotation of rowers called upon to fill both training boats can be expected in order to allow as many people to train as possible.

Women’s Pools

Each training session, where possible, two ladies boats will go out; Training boat 1 (coxed by George) and Training boat 2 (coxed by Greg).

Training boat 1 will be made up of all available rowers from Pool 1, and a selection from Pool 2 to make up a full crew. Some rotation of who is called upon to fill in is expected.

Training boat 2 will be made up by the remaining available rowers from Pool 2 and filled with rowers from Pool 3, with some rotation so as many rowers as possible get an opportunity to participate.

As well as these organised training sessions, anyone is able to organise an extra session at any time outside of the club rowing times and training times. Please follow the extra session guidelines in the handbook.

Please be mindful that as we approach a regatta or a championship event, crews will be selected by the men’s and ladies selection committee and then training priority will be given to those crews that will be racing.