Man Overboard Training

Braving the cold, members of the Exmouth Gig Club gathered on the beach with ‘Ruth Lee’ a   dummy specially designed for this kind of training.

There was a 10 minute briefing about the objectives of the morning and then the first 6 volunteers jumped into Avocet with ‘Ruth’ sitting in the bow and set off.  Everyone got the opportunity to push Ruth into the sea, she was heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, then in pairs recovering her into the boat safely.

It was soon evident that recovering poor Ruth was no easy task, she was heavy (40 Kgs before she was full of water!) and lifting her into the boat was hard work! The technique required to get Ruth into the boat was something that needed practise by not only the pair recovering but also the rest of the crew who needed to listen and react quickly to the coxswains instructions to counterbalance the boat.

The coxswains also practised manoeuvring the boat around a floating Ruth which proved to be quite tricky and the crew had to listen and react quickly to commands so that Ruth didn’t end up with hyperthermia or a bruised head on top of drowning.

The morning ended with hot bacon butties on the beach and a debrief and chat about what we had learnt, a very successful morning, thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Coxes Training

Just one week after the excitement of the man over board training nother successful training day took place for Exmouth Gig Club covering various safety topics such as Rules of the Road for water users, they were shown a variety of different buoy markers and learnt who gives way to who and the importance of being vigilant and aware whilst navigating the busy Exmouth Estuary.

Tides and local knowledge were then discussed by looking at maps and how the sand banks, wind and moon effect the flow of water and the safest times and conditions to be out rowing. The day finished with learning radio protocol and how to deal with any medical emergencies that may occur. It was a very informative day which helps members to learn how to be safer on the water and understand the rules of the Estuary and surrounding sea.

As a club we take safety very seriously and offer these training opportunities to all members, whether their interested in becoming a coxswain or not. The theory training is also available to non-members.