With the End of Season Social (and the combined EGM) fast approaching its time to make your mind up who you want on your committee. With just two space available and three candidates its not an easy choice – to aid you in your selection each of our nominees has given a reason why they want to be on your committee.


“I have been a member of EGC for 2 years and have had a great time learning to row and now coxing a winning racing team and club levels, I have notice a gap in the knowledge and experience and have readily stepped in to help out. 

The skill sets I will bring to the club are a hands on ability to problem solve and get things done properly which might not be the cheapest way particularly with equipment care and maintenance, I have a grounded understanding of grass roots feeling within the club and can see as the club develops how to improve the processes within the club to make it efficient and equally inclusive for all. I look forward to being part of taking the club into a good active future.”

David Lomas


“Hello. I have been a member of Exmouth gig club since 2017. I loved it at first row and enjoyed the flexibility to join club rows whenever my young family allowed. I joined as I love being outside, in and around the sea and I was looking to get back to fitness after 3 babies. I learnt some good technique following the great rowers and coxes that were ‘up boat’ from me and suddenly I started being ‘up boat’ of newer beginners.

I enjoy getting out on club sessions whenever I can, but this year has been my first full on year of the racing side. Starting with the epic 3-rivers, Scilly and summer regattas, I’m now about to compete for Devon ladies B, having got fit and addicted to the racing bug!

I feel like I’m part of a family with Exmouth gig club and have not only made new friends but gained so much in confidence, fitness and strength (mental and physical). From my previous career as a Contract Manager I would like to bring my skillset and take the opportunity to help give something back to the club. Particularly I would like to help to bring in new members to enjoy our wonderful sport and get as much out of it as I do!”

Sarah Boys


“Exmouth Gig Club member since 2017. Committee Vice-Chairman:  2018 to July 2019 (stood down through ill health) I am now in a position to stand again for the Committee and offer help in the running of the Club, particularly in the following key areas:

  • Development & expansion of non-racing & social rows , e.g Solstice, Loch Ness, GRR, etc.
  • Supporting the requirements to produce successful Regatta squads.
  • Acquisition of Boat / Club house.
  • Organisational management inc. Strategy, managing growth and governance.
  • Development & expansion of new categories of membership e.g. Juniors, ‘Midweek’, Seniors,  etc.
  • Enhance internal communications to ensure greater inclusitivity.
  • Encourage more involvement in Exmouth and  the Estuary towns & villages.”

Graham Deasy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are we voting on?

Unlike the AGM where all members of the committee stand down and new committee is voted in this EGM is required as we have had three members who would like to join but there are only two places on the committee available.

When and where can we vote?

The vote will take place at the End of Season Social which on 18th of October at the Police Club from 7.30pm.

But I haven’t bought a ticket, does this mean I cannot vote?

You don’t need a ticket to come and vote. You just won’t be able to join the party – so why not buy a ticket and join the fun!

Can I vote by post / proxy / e-vote?

The current constitution mades no provision for postal, proxy or e-voting. The current rule is we require a certain number of members to take part in an EGM. Postal, proxy and e-voting can be discussed at the next AGM as a mechanism for voting.

What if enough people don’t vote?

We require a quorum of active members for the vote to even count. This means we need at least 28 members to attend and vote for the result to be valid.

How does the voting work?

Its a little confusing but… members rank the nominees in order of preference. The ranks are then be converted to points. With 3 nominees the following points will be allocated:

  • 3 points for 1st choice,
  • 2 points for 2nd choice
  • and 1point for 3rd choice

These points will be summed and the 2 nominees with the greatest number of points will be elected.

Will the result be announced on the night?

There will be no count on the evening (and therefore no winners declared) to give members a longer window to cast their vote. We also did not want to take away from the main event being the end of season social.

When and where will count take place?

The count will take place at 65 Egremont Road, Exmouth at 10am on Saturday 19th of October. Nominees are welcome to attend the count and any non nominee can take part in the count on Saturday.

What if there is a tie?

A second vote will be held between the tied parties at a later date.

What I have further questions?

Please get in contact via the exmouthgigclub@gmail.com address – however if your question is covered in this FAQ or within the constitution please don’t be offended if you are simply signposted to these sources.