Meeting held via Zoom

The Jurassic League is taking place once again in 2022 but with a couple of format changes.

Some clubs, like ourselves, haven’t fully recovered their “pre-pandemic” membership, and in most cases the demographic of the clubs has changed.

Also, with more regattas opening up, it was decided that clubs should be allowed the choice to go to other venues which offered racing that best suited their change of club dynamic and without detriment to League points. With this in mind the format of the Jurassic League has changed as follows:

The first small change is the separation of the Junior Crews

It was seen to be unfair for clubs with no U16 representation to lose out on points. The solution is to give them their own dedicated Junior Jurassic League which will run in tandem with the Adult League.

Every Jurassic League Regatta is to include an U16 race in their programme, and it is hoped it can be used as a showcase for clubs who currently don’t have a Junior team to promote the sport to younger people in their area.

The biggest change is the point scoring system and make-up of crews

Of the 10 clubs in the League only 8 will hold regattas (listed below).

5 out of the 8 will be point scoring with 3 clubs elected to be non-point scoring, and unfortunately this includes Exmouth.  We obviously didn’t vote in favour of this, but the majority carried the decision. The 8 Jurassic Regattas are as follows with * denoting non-point scoring events:

Weymouth – 28th May
Swanage – 18th June
Sidmouth – 19th June*
Bridport – 2nd July
Exmouth – 9th July*
Poole – date tbc*
Langstone – 30th July
Lyme Regis – 13th August

It is important to note that the non-point scoring clubs will change each year with the next 3 being decided at a future meeting.  

Discussions were also held as to what crews would be point scored.

Originally only A teams were going to be scored but we fought hard on this one saying that everyone’s efforts should be recognised and rewarded to avoid demoralised crews.

It was a long debate but the final decision was made that all categories in the A and B races would be awarded points as usual, but if C and D crews were in the program, they would not.

So, to reiterate, the point scoring races will be as follows:

All A and B races in the Open, Vets, Supervets and Mixed categories.

Finally discussions of how the crews are made up was raised and the fairness of the mixed in terms of point scoring.

2 questions were put to the CPGA as follows:

  1. How many A rowers can row in a B crew
  2. If A and B races are being run, can a crew only enter the B race or does the strongest team have to row in the A race

The CPGA response:

“There was at one time a ruling that only 2 A crew rowers in a B boat, but now for any championships its full crews.

In terms of racing where, if you only have one crew and you are over 12 months old as a club, then

you have to race the A race.

You need to declare as a league what you want to do. If a club has formed as a result from a split

with another, then they might very well have a very capable crew who can easily win B races.

Whatever you decide to do as a league, you have to police it”.

The discussion that followed included the following suggestions:

  • Able to include up to A rowers but it has to be declared
  • Pointed out that it was unfair if A rowers were in a B race and declared but they subsequently won
  • Suggestion to include A rowers in a B team but are not point scored
  • If more than 2 A rowers are in a crew, they have to row as the A crew and don’t row a B crew

After some discussion, it was agreed that a maximum of 2 A rowers can be in a B team. This will be on a trust basis and does not need to be declared.

“Borrowing” rowers

There have been occasions where a crew cannot compete without “borrowing” a rower from another club.

If it was a case of being able to get a boat out or not, it was agreed that a member of the Jurassic League could join a different crew, but it would need to be declared.


Umpire Course

Pre-Covid, Heddon offered to run umpire and coxes’ courses – Kerry (from Lyme) was going to confirm if they are willing to still run the course and will confirm when known.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 10th October @ 7.30pm

Hosts: Poole