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Dear Members,

The CPGA is run by volunteers.

With the continued interest and growth in the sport the existing CPGA arrangements are under pressure.

The present means of calculating annual CPGA membership fees for Clubs means that there is no income to pay for administrative or managerial support.

Earlier this year the CPGA put out the following (abbreviated) statement as part of its proposals to generate more income, whilst supporting clubs with training, governance and more competition.

“Gig rowing is growing at an extraordinary rate. The demands of managing this expanding sport are exceeding the capacity of the CPGA volunteer team. To govern the sport effectively, the CPGA must grow and change in line with the sport.

Earlier this year the CPGA carried out an extensive survey of the membership. Clubs told us what support and services they need and we listened…. to develop an ambitious strategy for the sport. It aims to help the sport thrive whilst maintaining all that makes our gig rowing community extraordinary”.

Initial Proposition

In its initial proposals published in February this year the  CPGA wanted to:

  • Build relationships with Sport England to get recognised as a full time professional sport.
  • Create a regional structure, develop new clubs, support recruitment, improve competition and improve excellence in existing clubs.
  • Provide additional support for clubs when it comes to coaching, funding, coxing and safety.
  • Promote the sport regionally and nationally.
  • Recruit of five paid CPGA Staff.

It was suggested that these ambitions would be funded by increasing club membership fees and introducing an individual membership fee to enable such members to enter CPGA endorsed/approved events. [CPGA maintain this is NOT a racing licence].

The fees suggested were a Club membership fee of £250 (an increase of £50) plus individual membership fees of £30 rising to £34 in 2025/6.

This change in strategy was not supported by Clubs.

Revised proposition.

Since February we have continued to update you on the progress of the strategy and on responses made by Clubs to these proposals.

The CPGA Committee has reflected on the feedback provided by clubs and individuals. The aims of the strategy remain broadly unchanged but CPGA amended the membership model previously proposed.

The changes mean that some of the aspirations outlined in the strategy will take longer to achieve and some planned activities will not be achievable within five years. Some of the posts previously outlined will not be supported by the new proposed model. Nonetheless the new model will secure the sport for the future and this is the priority.
The comments received as part of discussions with Clubs proved that members of the rowing community hold a diverse range of aspirations and opinions about the future of gig rowing.

Despite differing views, many agreed that the CPGA cannot stand still at a time of continuing growth for the sport.

The aim of this further consultation is to work to create a strategy that ensures gig rowing is secured for our communities to enjoy both now and in the future.
The revised proposals described below were advised to members and Jay as Chair attended the whole sport session via Zoom on Wednesday 8th September to ask questions and share feedback on your behalf.

Following this event the CPGA intend to shape up proposals for a membership vote at an EGM via Zoom to be held on October 17th.
Jay will be representing the club at the EGM.

A clear mandate from members is required as to what vote should be cast. Votes will be collected during the EGM.


Voting will open on Friday 8th and close on 16th October. (You will be notified, via email when this is available).

The result will add weight to the decision that the committee makes at the EGM.

How to vote

There are two proposals that you need to vote on – an A and a B.

Please vote for each proposal in turn. When you have made your decision for proposal A, tick Yes or No and then click Vote!

Important! Please wait until you see the message “Your Vote has been saved” before moving on to proposal B.




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Latest CPGA proposals and effects of fee uplifts.