Local Cider producers Green Valley Cyder, based at Darts Farm in Clyst St George, have backed the Gig Club and their logo can now be seen on Gig Club clothing.

Co owners Chris Coles and Nick Pring recognized the link between 2 great west country traditions, Cider and Gig Racing and agreed to sponsor the Gig Club.

‘We are delighted to have Green Valley Cyder as the first sponsor logo on our club clothing. We were especially keen to see a local business put their name alongside ours and even more pleased that our backers produce a traditional product, a good pairing for something traditional and sociable like Pilot Gig Rowing.’ said Club Chairman Ben Atkinson.

Committee member Keith Cornish negotiated the sponsorship with Green Valley Cyder and was joined by Treasurer Greg Price, Nicola Price and Chairman Ben Atkinson showing off their racing Gig to Nick Pring at Darts Farm.