Kathy Underwood
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01/08/2019 at 5:42 PM #21777

Timings for the day:
Gigs to arrive 08:00 – 09.30
Registration 08:00 – 09.30
Coxes/Umpires meeting 09:45 on the Cobb high wall
First race 10.30
Prize giving approx. 17:00

Please note that the racing order has changed slightly since the invite was sent out – the mixed now being directly before the juniors’ presentations.
Women’s Vets
Men’s Vets
U16 – please ensure that your crew contains no more than 3 boys.
Junior Presentations
Women’s C
Men’s C
Women’s B
Men’s B
Women’s A
Men’s A
Women’s Supervets
Men’s Supervets
Please return any trophies you may have won last year.
Please could you provide an experienced umpire or two? Please let us know their names and which races they might be available for. Please ensure that all umpires are familiar with the Umpires code of conduct http://www.lymeregisgigcluhttp://www.lymeregisgigclub.com/media/pg/466/1556369430/ and the CPGA racing rules (see above).
If you haven’t already done so, please could you let me know the name of the boat you are bringing and which races you intend to enter.
Please note that it is Carnival in Lyme Regis on the evening of the 10th August – this will be a great spectacle to watch. This will mean that the road at the top of Cobb Hill will be closed between 8pm and 9.30pm