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20/06/2019 at 3:48 PM #21336

Solstice Dawn Row
Friday 21st June 2019

Sunrise tomorrow is at 05.01 hrs
The sea state forecast is currently good. The weather forecast is currently stating sunshine, but with a chance of a cloud.
Please be aware that if there is insufficient light for safe passage or the weather turns for the worse, we will make a judgement call on the beach to decide if the row will proceed.

Low tide (0.59m) is at 03.46, so we will be rowing out just as the tide is beginning to turn.
High tide (3.34m) is at 09.47

ALL ROWERS TO MEET AT CADET YARD @ 03.45 at the latest
Please be neighbourly and keep noise and chatter down to a minimum.

All to help with the preparation, movement & launch of both Rodney Bey & Avocet.
(After this evening’s Club row, Rodney & Avocet will be ‘prepped’ – cushions in situ, pins & oars left in the boats. Any volunteers to help spend half-an-hour doing these tasks at 7.30-ish this evening, would be appreciated; by doing the work this evening there should be minimal work for Rowers to do in the morning.)

We need to be on-the-water by 04.15 at the latest, so please be ready to row as soon as we launch.
Rowing out in pre-dawn light will require immense concentration from the coxes, so please listen and respond to their instructions.

Ideally we need to reach Fairway Buoy (out to sea opposite the Lifeboat Station) by 05.00 . This is the best vantage point to witness the sunrise from ‘on the water’.
This requires a prompt start and a good ‘solid’ row from all participants.

After sun-rise we should be able to take a gentler row back in as we will have the incoming tide.
We anticipate we will return to Shelley Beach & Belshers Slipway at 5.45 approx.

ALL rowers to help with recovery and transportation of both boats, oars & kit.
We appreciate you may have work & family obligations, but working as a team we can have the boats and kit put away in good time.
Again, on our return, please keep noise and chatter down to a minimum.

Harbour Side Cafe opens for breakfast at 06.30 hrs or The Beach Pub is open for breakfast from 07.00 hrs

Please bring your cameras to record this mid-summer madness !!
My contact number is: 07487.78.40.06