Skeleton Crew!

What a fantastic evening – with the weather forecast early in the week threatening rain and the morning weather looking like it may support that we were rewarded with brilliant weather and a fun evening! In a relatively short period of time we were able to put together a theme and respectable performance thanks to a number of the club members who were able to add their time and effort – not to mention creative flair – to the cause!

A big thanks to all who helped out in advance and on the day – the outfits were great and left a number of the spectators, fortunately only a few, mentally scarred forever – especially after Max’s efforts at chasing some teenagers up the grass bank.

Clearly our efforts were rewarded as we achieved Second Place in our category and I sure this will spur us on to greater things at next year’s carnival. Like we said there was a lot of preplanning for the evening to get the boat prepared and also sponsored – we should like to thank those who donated and sponsored:

  • Mark Cockman – Plumbing, Heating and Stoves..
  • – Bespoke kitchen planning and fitting.
  • Whitton and Laing – Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Surveying and Block Management.
  • Cockman Builders – Building and Roofing Contractors.
  • M S Marine – Boat repairs, storage and engineering.
  • Stuart Wilkins Electrical Services Ltd – provided lights.

The evening itself was a new experience for most of us and we were all taken aback by the enthusiasm of the spectators – mainly the youngsters but also all ages – we have never “high Fived” so many people!

With 18 club members and children taking part it enables us to maximise our exposure and the costumes did not scare the crowds from filling the collecting buckets, taking a leaflet and the aforementioned giving of “High Fives”!

There was a lot of effort with costume design and face painting as well and it is difficult to highlight any individual however I think the medal for bravery should go to Toby who never left his post along the side of the Gig as the spectators delighted in throwing coins into the boat – whilst not an official flat for this purpose it clearly was seen as a suitable receptacle for the purpose of collecting monies! Whilst most of the coins were tossed into the boat at a sedate rate some did seem to be thrown with express purpose of seeing if they could sink the boat!

The purpose of the evening, from the club’s perspective, was to raise our profile for both new members but also prospective sponsors, and I believe we have done this on both counts, and also to raise some funds along the way! This has been achieved with sponsorship, donation of goods, 25% share of the money collected and of course our prize money!

I think most of us were completely shattered at the end of the day but it was sweetened by the feeling of a job well done so again a big thanks to all of you who made the evening a success.