On the Sunday 13th August, Exmouth Gig Rowing Club attended the RNLI Open Day.
Cornish Pilot Gig boats of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were primarily designed to race through seas, to get pilots onto in-coming ships and offer them safe passage through local waters. Being so robust and able to cut through rough waters, they were also often used as life boats to rescue souls from stricken ships.

Gary Cook, Vice Chairman of the club said “It was a lovely day and we spoke to many people about Gig rowing. We took the opportunity to show off our new traditionally built gig Shelly Maid, to raise the profile of the club and raise some funds in the process”. A total of £66 was collected, half of which was donated to the RNLI last week by the club treasurer Greg Price. Representing the RNLI are Andrew Stott, newly appointed Station Mechanic and Steve Hockings-Thompson, Coxswain and Harbour Master.