The CPGA statement of 16th Marchremains in place.

Various questions have arisen from clubs regarding the clarification statement on fixed seat rowing that was made by British Rowing – Return to Rowing 5.2

Explanation from British Rowing regarding clarification statement issued ‘Return to Rowing – Fixed Seat Rowing’

We, British Rowing based our submission to the DCMS for return to crew boat rowing on the flow chart below, which has come from the government’s guidance on phased return to sport. The links are below:

UK Government – Phased return of sport and recreation

UK Government – Phased return of sport and recreation – Appendix 1

The main areas of the guidance to look at are:

  • Sport action plans and guidance section
  • Appendix 1 the flow chart.

We, British Rowing used the flow chart to determine the risk and tested 3 scenarios:

  1. Coxless sliding boats
  2. Coxless fixed seat boats 
  3. Coxed boats either – fixed or sliding
  1. For Coxless boats we followed the far-left pathway as there is no face to face or side by side interaction and rowers are seating over 1 meter apart.  This then leads to “low risk”.
  2. For Coxless Fixed seat boats (Skiffs etc) we follow the pathway that starts with 1-0 m proximity (meaning that you seat within a meter of each other). As the activity is not face to face we follow the pathway to “This interaction is fleeting less than 3 secs”. This is because the rowers are moving. This also leads to “low risk”.
  3. For coxed boats fixed or sliding seat we follow the 1-0m proximity and face to face pathway. This is because a cox will seat within 1 meter of a rower and is either face to face in a stern coxed boat or back to back in a bow coxed boat. We then follow the “this interaction is fleeting less than 3 secs” pathway. This is because the gap between the rower and cox is always changing as the rower moves through the stroke. This leads to “’medium risk” and this is why we have advised that the Cox wears a face mask and eye protection if they are in a stern or face masks if they are in a bow coxed boat.

What we have created is guidance and a time frame for clubs that want to return to crew boat rowing. As every club is different the final decision to return to crew boat is down to the individual club.

The document is about a Return to Rowing, Return to Competition (racing in any format) still has to be agreed with DCMS by British Rowing, we will share this information as soon as we have it.

Please remember that people are always watching the gigs, this is a critical time for rowing in general as it returns to the water. Social media is a useful tool for all but will also be negative if advice isn’t followed.


There have been a number of emails from club chairs / secretaries / officials regarding the return to rowing.

We have therefore arranged a meeting (virtual) on Thursday 27thAugust 19:30 for one club official, ideally the chair, but if not able to attend a nominated member of your club committee. You need to register by completing the following link. Return to Rowing Forum

Please remember that if all attend that is a total of 82 clubs represented.

It is not a question and answer session for the CPGA, it is a meeting to facilitate discussion / share current thoughts etc.

Deadline for registering – Tuesday 25th August. Details will then be sent to those registered.


There is guidance on getting ready to return to activity from Sport England / Club Matters.  

Each club has different criteria regarding housing of boats / locations of launch / storage of equipment / shared facilities etc.

The following can be found on the Covid-19 page on the CPGA website– including downloadable posters & signs from Sport England.

The following are all worth taking a look at:

Sport England Guidance – Legal support

Sport England Guidance – Hygiene for Sport and Physical Activity

Club Matters – Re-Opening Toolkit for Clubs and Organisations

Club Matters – Creating a Risk Assessment

Club Matters – Understanding your People

Club Matters – Creating a Risk Register for Clubs and Organisations

Club Matters – Promoting Social Distancing

Club Matters – Re Opening Toolkit – Template

Safeguarding In Sport

British Rowing

Self-Assessment and Test Trace Guidance – RFU


A few months ago we shared the document from Peter Williams with advice about looking after your gig.

The document is on the CPGA website (link above) and so please take a look and use as appropriate.


ReActivate as mentioned a few weeks ago.

This is a free online training package that can lead to a digital certificate that can be upgraded to a recognised qualification.

Take a look and register as individuals, if interested.


We are all aware that no rowing has been able to take place since the 16th March

We are therefore not requiring a June register unless you wish to submit one due to changes to your membership. We will let you know about the 3rd quarter deadline.

Please remember that there were changes to the format of the 2020 Rowing Register, follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

There are still some clubs with outstanding rowing registers due for March. See table below.

No Register Submitted




There are weekly emails from the recycling company – so a thank you to all who are continuing to use this service to the benefit of the environment and the CPGA.

Anyone who hasn’t yet, here is a great opportunity to recycle an item that most homes, offices etc have.

Please read the following and where possible, spread the word about recycling for the CPGA.


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