In 1992 a new Cornish Pilot Gig was launched at Looe ‘Ryder’ built for the Looe Gig Club. She was the first build for father and son team – Jim and Dave Currah. She was to be the start of a long gig building career for Dave.

Unfortunately, due to ill health, Dave is retiring and will no longer be building Cornish Pilot Gigs.
From the first build the father and son duo went on to build another 27, on Jim’s retirement Dave continued to build, another 18 gigs have taken to the water, with his final 19th solo gig being completed now. A sum total of 47 gigs that he has added to the CPGA fleet.

A number of his gigs have been winning gigs at the World, Newquay, Mixed, Veterans, U16 and U14 championships.

A fantastic career of 47 gig builds, let alone all the other work undertaken.

Thank you Dave, for your builds, help and guidance over the years.

Listed are all his gigs, the brackets indicate the original names and owners.

Reg No Name Owners Builders
27 Ryder Looe J + D Currah
33 Zeus (Zeus) Cotehele Quay (Par Bay) J + D Currah
35 Wasp Yealm J + D Currah
36 Tormentor (Tormentor) London Cornish (Charlestown) J + D Currah
38 Minnadhu Rame J + D Currah
39 De Vegt Holland J + D Currah
42 Brue (Gallant) Burnham-on-Sea (Fowey) J + D Currah
43 Gwineas Goran J + D Currah
46 Blackbird (Mary Newman) Clevedon (Caradon) J + D Currah
47 Joker (Joker) Yealm (Par Bay) J + D Currah
50 Jubilee Holland J + D Currah
52 Defiance St Ives J + D Currah
56 Neptunus Holland J + D Currah
59 Samphire Looe J + D Currah
62 Treasure (Tregarthens) Holland (St Mary’s IOS) J + D Currah
66 Merthen Helford J + D Currah
67 Killigerran Roseland J + D Currah
71 Lark Coverack J + D Currah
73 Brisons Cape Cornwall J + D Currah
74 Jupiter (Odin) Raleigh (Par Bay) J + D Currah
77 Speedwell Rock J + D Currah
78 Kerens (Kerens) Torridge (Mevagissey) J + D Currah
82 La Mea Auray, Brittany J + D Currah
85 Penlee Point Rame J + D Currah
90 Spirit of Langstone (Waterwitch) Langstone (Charlestown) J + D Currah
96 Millers Daughter Caradon J + D Currah
100 Petroc Padstow J + D Currah
106 Irene Too (Irene Too) Holland (Private) J + D Currah
115 Melusine Zennor D Currah
122 Polvarth Roseland D Currah
128 Isolde Weymouth D Currah
134 Swift Rock D Currah
137 Pedn Billy Helford D Currah
143 Tristan Weymouth D Currah
151 Black Rock Falmouth D Currah
156 Tallisman Looe D Currah
162 Amazon Caradon D Currah
169 Wolf Salcombe D Currah
178 Governor Falmouth D Currah
183 Helford Helford D Currah
187 Cadmus Salcombe D Currah
193 Ann Glanville Caradon D Currah
197 Morak Coverack D Currah
201 Currah’s Pride Looe D Currah
205 Energetic Porthleven D Currah
212 Bolt Salcombe D Currah


The CPGA statement of 16th March remains in place.

Whilst we understand all want to get back in the boat, currently it is still not the time to do so. Within the gig you are unable to social distance (please remember a gig is a 6 oared, coxed boat), health and hygiene along with many other issues to consider.

All rowing activities involving gigs / GRP boats continue to be suspended due to the requirements of social distancing. We will continue to keep this matter under review.

Clubs with gyms / ergos are reminded that the government has still not given the green light for opening / use of these facilities.

Please continue to monitor the following:
NHS Information
Government Covid Information

Begin to plan your safe return to club use and rowing, when its possible to do so.

Keep an eye on the Government information regarding the potential opening of gyms.

We are monitoring the situation and guidance that is being issued.


We are all aware that no rowing has been able to take place since the 16th March.
We are therefore not requiring a June register unless you wish to submit one due to changes to your membership.

Please remember that there were changes to the format of the 2020 Rowing Register, follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

There are still some clubs with outstanding rowing registers due for March. See table below.

No Register Submitted Submitted but requires amendment
Calstock St Ives


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Thanks to all those who are continuing to recycle to the benefit of the environment and the CPGA, with potentially more people working from home, there may be more items ready for recycling.

Anyone who hasn’t yet, here is a great opportunity to recycle an item that most homes, offices etc have.
Please read the following and where possible, spread the word about recycling for the CPGA.


Although as we begin to adjust to the new ‘normal’, there is still some funding on offer to clubs. please check your local councils.

We have also been informed that some clubs have been lucky enough to receive discretionary funding from local councils. So do check out your local council / district council / borough council / town council and see if they can offer any form of funding help.


During this time, we are all having to adapt to a new ‘normal’.
Take a look at the resources that you can find on the Club Matters website, these might be useful to your club. Below are only a couple of examples:
Some clubs have mentioned AGMs being caught in the lockdown. Take a look at this resource.

  • Emergency financial planning, we are all aware that this is having an effect on income for clubs, but what is the true cost.

Many clubs have been successful at applying for emergency grants, so if you haven’t applied, do have a look and see which are applicable to your club’s situation.

Check out the list of grant funders. There is quite a list here, so please do have a read through and see what ones are specific to your particular club/situation/area.

Also continue to monitor your local ‘Active Partnership’ as they have signposting for local info as well as national. All information regarding grant funding can be found on the Covid-19 webpage.

Please note that the Sport England Emergency fund is currently on a temporary pause to new applications.


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