It’s been great to hear that many clubs have gained funding through emergency grants eg Sport England (as mentioned in this update).

We have also been informed that some clubs have been lucky enough to receive discretionary funding from local councils. So do check out your local council / district council / borough council / town council and see if they can offer any form of funding help.
In the table below are a some of the main council bodies.

Council Council Council
Cornwall Council Dorset Council East Sussex County Council
Devon County Council Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council London (Richmond)
Torbay Council Somerset Council Oxfordshire County Council
Plymouth City Council Bristol City Council Essex County Council
North Devon Council Hamphire County Council Norfolk County Council


Sport England have announced they have committed another £1 million to combating the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) on sports clubs and community activity groups, in the form of match funding through Crowdfunder. This time they are matching crowd funds of up to £10,000 raised by clubs and organisations hit by the coronavirus crisis – and is in addition to the up to £210m coronavirus support package already announced. Take a look to see if this is suitable for you and if so there is some great guidance about how to run a successful campaign.


The CPGA statement of 16th March remains in place.

Whilst we understand all want to get back in the boat, currently it is still not the time to do so. Within the gig you are unable to social distance (please remember a gig is a 6 oared, coxed boat), health and hygiene along with many other issues to consider.

We are monitoring the situation and guidance that is being issued. Updates will follow.


After review of present guidelines Newquay Rowing Club sadly have agreed that this year’s County Championships will not take place in its current form.  Rules on social distancing and group gatherings are still in place and there is no indication that these will change in the next 2 months.  The health and safety of all participants must take precedence. We appreciate this means no major competition to end the season which is disappointing.

We would like to arrange an alternative virtual championship involving a crew challenge and this is in planning stage at present so updates will follow. Here’s hoping that normal service will be resumed in 2021 and we will see you all back in Newquay Harbour.


With lots of shopping being done online now, please share with your membership the link below.
If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.
Get shopping Amazon Smile.


During this time, we are all having to adapt to a new ‘normal’.
Take a look at the resources that you can find on the Club Matters website, these might be useful to your club. Below are only a couple of examples:

  • Some clubs have mentioned AGMs being caught in the lockdown. Take a look at this resource.
  • Emergency financial planning, we are all aware that this is having an effect on income for clubs, but what is the true cost.

Many clubs have been successful at applying for emergency grants, so if you haven’t applied, do have a look and see which are applicable to your club’s situation.

Check out the list of grant funders. There is quite a list here, so please do have a read through and see what ones are specific to your particular club/situation/area.

Also continue to monitor your local ‘Active Partnership’ as they have signposting for local info as well as national. All information regarding grant funding can be found on the Covid-19 webpage.

Please note that the Sport England Emergency fund is currently on a temporary pause to new applications.


Thanks to all those who are continuing to recycle to the benefit of the environment and the CPGA, with potentially more people working from home, there may be more items ready for recycling.

Anyone who hasn’t yet, here is a great opportunity to recycle an item that most homes, offices etc have.
Please read the following and where possible, spread the word about recycling for the CPGA.


We are now in June 2020 and your first rowing register should have been completed and filed with the by the 30th March. There is a new template that can be downloaded, completed and returned. Follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

No Register Submitted Submitted but requires amendment
Calstock St Ives


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