We have recently received some questions regarding insurance.
Please do have a conversation with your insurance broker as they really are the best people to advise.
One of the recent questions was around ‘Directors and Officers Insurance’. We spoke with the CPGA broker, and the response can be seen below.
Directors & officers insurance is something I am recommending more and more to clubs as this protects the committee members against liability claims which may arise through their decisions. As these committee members are all volunteers, the last thing they would want is allegation being made and having to use their own money to defend it.
Accusations a committee member could face include:

  • Breaches of health & safety regulations
  • Using money outside an organisation’s scope
  • Not acting in an organisation’s best interests
  • Libel & slander
  • Discrimination or harassment

One final point I would make, a club would need to let their members know that they are using club money to incept this cover as it is a policy protecting their personal liabilities and not the club. However, member shouldn’t have an issue with this as they will recognise the work committee members put in to running a club.

Do revisit your club’s insurance and think about what you as a club have in place.


The latest fixture list has been published today, Sunday 20th Feb 2022 V6. Please note a couple of additions and one cancelled on the Jubilee weekend.

Thanks to those clubs who have notified us of limited numbers or invite only, these have also been identified. If this applies to your club event, please update with email to and they will be clearly identified on the fixture list in the next publication.


When the CPGA undertook the ‘Pulling The Past Together’ project, one aspect was a display board about heritage for each CPGA club.

There were some clubs who did not collect / receive their board. If this is your club, please contact and we will endeavour to get a board to you.


All clubs have now been sent an invoice, please double check your junk / spam folder if you have not yet seen it.

Thanks to those who have made the payments, receipts are on their way, some already should be with you.

All clubs have who have not yet viewed their invoices have been directly emailed. Any problems, please contact


All have been issued. Please follow the instructions for completion of forms etc.
The forms are:

  • Electronic Shipping Note (excel)
  • Electronic Shipping Note (pdf)
  • Banking Details for Payment (please note costings below)
  • World Pilot Gig Championship 2022 (Gig & Trailer Reservation form)

All forms can be downloaded via this link – Shipping Forms Download
There are so many variables for the completion of the shipping rota and where possible all elements have been considered.

As you are aware you were asked to list all gigs – wooden and GRP and any other boats that you have access to as a club, we rely on honesty and if clubs haven’t been, there is very little that we can do to make the rota as fair as possible.

Returning from the Islands those clubs who only have one gig and it was shipped for the championships are the ones who return first so that all can compete in the season on the mainland when it starts.

Where possible if travelling distance, you have a Gry Maritha shipping ex Pz and return from St Marys, this allows later delivery to Penzance and earlier return for the pickup. The Gry Maritha does have a period where she is not in service during the run up to the championships, therefore during that week there is no option for later delivery. 

Times of delivery to Penzance and collection times will be published closer to the start of shipping, but as a rough guide anyone with a Gry shipping its normally about a noon drop off, Scillonian III by 7am.
Returning, normally around 20:00 for a Scillonian III pick up, roughly 14:00 onwards for Gry.
Please note these are ROUGH guides and the more exacting times will be published at a later date.

First shipping date is Friday 11th March, no longer Monday 7th March, but still on the Gry Martha.
Costings for your information, this is additional to race entry fees.


It’s worth looking to see if any projects that your club are considering this year fit this new fund criteria.  

Between £300 and £10,000 so worth looking.

Visit the Sport England Website for more details – click here.


Please remind all booking that they need to follow the information that was sent via mailchimp a while ago and input the code at the start, otherwise the discount is not active.

Information about booking your travel via IOSSC has been sent to all clubs via a mailchimp update, an individual email has also been sent to each club with your club’s specific discount code.

A reminder from the IOSSC  – Please can you remind all of your club members (included in the email – IOS Gig Championship 2022 Travel Information)

For the 2022 IOS World Championships there is a unique discount code that is being supplied to your main club contact. It is important that before you attempt to book you have received this code and are ready to input.

There is a code that each main club contact has being sent which you need in order to gain the discount.This must not to appear on any social media / websites and any abuse of the code will result in the club members loosing potential discounts in future years.


Thanks to those who have already supported using this link.

If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.  Get shopping Amazon Smile.

This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.


Please continue to be aware that Covid has not disappeared. Numbers of infections are falling. Please remain sensible in your approach as a club and be ready to react if the situation changes.

Have a read of the information on page 11 onwards regarding COVID recovery.

We continue to recommend the following below.

Think about how you as a club wish to deal with any confined spaces, eg mask or not, but make your club members aware and also amend risk assessments accordingly.

Lateral flow tests are now commonplace, we would suggest that this is still encouraged. Follow all guidance regarding isolation etc as required.

Coxes may wish to return to wearing protecting eg face shield, eye protection, mask when coxing.

Continue to

  • Wash / sanitise hands regularly
  • Encourage lateral flow test for all 

For more information, please visit
How to Stay Safe and help prevent the spread
Managing COVID – 19

Title                                       Date / Deadline                      Venue / Action
Club Membership Register     31st March, 2022                     Via link