We are all aware that there is now a significant increase in Covid infections.
Currently sport is allowed to continue, but please be aware that should any restrictions be imposed, as the CPGA / clubs we should be ready to react accordingly.
For several clubs with the increase in infection rates, they have decided to make the Christmas and New Year period a natural break. 

We continue to recommend the following below.

With a significant rise in covid infections and the new variant, we recommend that when in close contact e.g. launching / loading a boat / enclosed space e.g. gig shed – masks are worn. We also recommend where possible to keep social distancing.

Lateral flow tests are now commonplace task for many, we would suggest that this is encouraged by clubs prior to any training session, in addition to, for many completing for work purposes. As well as reminding all members, that should they show a positive test do not attend training or if they show symptoms to not attend training.

Coxes may wish to return to wearing protecting eg face shield, eye protection, mask when coxing.

For CPGA clubs we offer the following guidance:

With cases of Covid rising, we encourage clubs to maintain a covid secure protocol.

  • Wash / sanitize hands regularly
  • Do not row / visit your club / regatta if you or anyone in your household are showing signs of covid
  • Encourage individuals to take lateral flow tests (still free of charge) if they are not already for their work
  • Continue to monitor with a Club QR code or the clubs method of track and track, or continue with the NHS QR code
  • Respect the rules set by your club and help yourself, club members and public stay healthy
  • Follow rules set out by your club to keep equipment and facilities clean
  • Be kind to your club committee who are giving their time to ensure all are safe and rowing can take place 

Social distancing no longer remains at 2 metres, but as a club you need to decide what you are happy with amongst members / as a committee.

Likewise, indoors, close contact when lifting gigs, confined spaces etc housing for a gig, clubs may wish to consider a policy regarding face coverings.

You may wish to set crews according to their wishes eg those that are double jabbed/ boosters, age groups, those continuing to wear masks etc

For more information, please visit

How to Stay Safe and help prevent the spread
Managing COVID – 19


The time has come to submit the name of your gig(s) that your club intend to take to the Champs 2022 and the order to be shipped if more than one gig.

As you can appreciate to make the shipping as fair as possible many variants are taken into consideration eg number of GRP boats at home, number of gigs at home, etc.

Please do not register your gig(s) for shipping until you have registered your gig(s) for the event. If you are unsure if you are registered, check here Has My Club Registered?

Register your gig for shipping here. Cost is roughly £210 per gig for shipping.

Deadline for completion is Monday 20th December, 2021.


As the weather turns, please remember to make sure that your risk assessments are up to date.

Safety needs to be a priority, and can we remind all that a gig is a coxed boat. Going to sea without a cox is not an option. The rudder / yoke lines need to be controlled by the cox in the coxing position, remember the cox is in charge of the gig and crew.  

Some quick reminders – coxes need to be wearing lifejackets at all times, launching & recovery, emergency action, ever changing risk assessments to name a few.


Thanks to those who have already voted, remember you can vote weekly, so please do.

The CPGA has been nominated to be part of the Asda Foundation Green Token Giving online vote through the Asda store at Bodmin, Cornwall. 

The vote went live on the  (01/12/21) and voting will close at midnight on Monday 31st January 2022.

All can vote for the CPGA by visiting and selecting Bodmin from the drop-down box. Supporters will be able to vote once every seven days, so please do return and revote in the following weeks. You can vote via a computer and a mobile device, so possibly two votes in one week.

Let the voting begin and thank you in advance for your votes. 


The AGM will be on Sunday 16th January 2022. All information will be sent as required before Christmas.


Thanks to all who are updating or simply sending an email saying no change.

The final quarter register is due by the 30th December 2021.

If as a club there have been NO changes to your register since the 30th September, please let us know that by simply sending an email to

If there are additions etc, please submit your register by the 30th December, 2021.

Thanks already to Salcombe who have submitted and are the first club to complete all rowing registers for 2021.


Registration deadline is rapidly approaching.

You can now double check whether your club has registered by visiting this link. Has My Club Registered? This is normally updated daily.

Open now for registration with a closing date of 23rd December 2021.

Please note that if you are entitled to enter more than one gig, you can do this via the registration link, just follow the instructions on the Registration page.

Information about booking your travel via IOSSC has been sent to all clubs via a mailchimp update, an individual email has also been sent to each club with your club’s specific discount code.

If as a club you are not attending and previously indicated you are not attending, you will not receive a code. If you are no longer attending as a club, please do not use the code, but get in contact asap with the 

A reminder from the IOSSC  – Please can you remind all of your club members (included in the email – IOS Gig Championship 2022 Travel Information)

For the 2022 IOS World Championships there is a unique discount code that is being supplied to your main club contact. It is important that before you attempt to book you have received this code and are ready to input.

There is a code that each main club contact is being sent which you need in order to gain the discount.This must not to appear on any social media / websites and any abuse of the code will result in the club members loosing potential discounts in future years.


Thanks to those who have already supported using this link.

If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.  Get shopping Amazon Smile.

This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.


Just a heads up, there are three new driving laws. Just double check your own licence as fines of up to £1000 could be issued for any driving not following them.

Driving licence extensions ending – due to COVID, licences which were due to expire between February and December 2020 were given an automatic 11 month extension. This means that any licences which were due to expire last December will need to be renewed by the end of November.

Towing changes – changes to towing rules mean anyone who passed their car driving test after 1st January 1997 can now tow trailers up to 3,500kg. under the current rules, drivers who passed after this date had to go through an extra car and trailer test to tow anything heavier.

The DVLA will automatically update your driving licence record to show you can tow trailers.

The DVLA has warned drivers can be fined £1000, issued penalty points or banned from the roads if they tow anything heavier before the law changes.

For more information visit the DVLA website


Some clubs have seen a good increase in people interested in rowing following the lockdowns etc.

If you have some new people to the club and they haven’t been active before, this link to Sport England – Getting Active – Join the Movement might be a great tool for both a club and an individual.


Still waiting for the clubs listed below.

If you are listed below, please send your register asap, it was due on the 30th September.

Torpoint Rowers


Take a look, might be that you can apply as a club for one of these small grants.

Key Info:
Awards of £300-£10,000 are possible:

  • Awards are to help with essential changes to services or facilities and for new projects responding to the need to offer alternatives as a result of the pandemic.
  • All applications should be focused on responding to the effects of the pandemic.
  • Applications should be in line with the government’s national and local guidelines at the time you apply.
  • Applications can be received by not-for-profit organisations.
  • The programme will remain open until the end of 2021.

Sport England – Return to Play – Small Grants – link

Additional potential funding – Sport England Return to Play – Active Together.


Title                                                    Date / Deadline                Venue / Action
IOS Shipping Info                               20th December 2021               Via link
IOS World Champs Registration        23rd December 2021               Via link
Rowing Reg 4th Quarter                     30th December                        Via email
CPGA CIO AGM                                 16th January 2022                   Via Zoom