There are some really useful documents within the Club Matters website. Club Matters is part of Sport England and the site has been updated to include covid applicable resources. Eg Virtual meetings including AGMs

With many clubs coming up to AGMs, its worth taking a look as that document and many of the others for information.


Sport England and CIMSPA have funded the commission of a new industry recognised ReActivate COVID-19 Awareness Award that we now have access to at the CPGA.

Made up of several different modules, the award is designed to ensure that people are suitably trained to deliver their roles in the safest possible way.

Whilst it is very unfortunate, we are having to hang up our oars for a second lockdown, this as an opportunity to make the most of the situation, learn, and get ready for our return in the future.
There are three option for the training, as listed in the ‘Access to free training’ section, the name of the training option might change, but we will let you know, the content will not change unless there is a update of information.  

So, for instance the ‘Front Line Coaching’ has the following modules to work through. As you can see the training isn’t aimed just at coaches, many within clubs can benefit from completing this training and there is no limit to the number of people that a club can put through this training.  

Front line coaching
What is COVID?

  1. Alert levels
  2. COVID-19 Symptoms
  3. Staying current
  4. Knowledge check – what is COVID?
  5. Covid information
  6. Government alert advice
  7. World health organisation – what is Covid?

Look after yourself

  1. Travelling to and from an activity
  2. What to do if you display symptoms of COVID-19
  3. Hand washing and personal hygiene
  4. Your organisations responsibilities
  5. Protect yourself and others when delivering sessions
  6. Knowledge check – look after yourself

Look after your participants

  1. Listen to your members and participants
  2. Communicating and engaging with club members and participants
  3. Communicating the rules for combatting COVID-19
  4. Identifying vulnerable people
  5. Clothing and footwear
  6. If you spot symptoms
  7. Knowledge check – look after your participants

General health and safety

  1. The basics of risk assessment
  2. Risk assessing in community sport
  3. Face coverings
  4. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  5. Knowledge check – general health and safety
  6. HSE – Covid information
  7. HSE – Working safely

First aid

  1. Deployment and precautions
  3. Knowledge check – First Aid
  4. Resuscitation council – Covid guidance


  1. Cleaning basic for suspected cases
  2. Cleaning materials
  3. Cleaning methods
  4. A clean and healthy sporting environment
  5. High contact points
  6. Basics of a deep clean
  7. Knowledge check – cleaning

Front line delivery

  1. Action planning
  2. Effective coaching during Covid 19
  3. Managing expectations
  4. Volunteer engagement post lockdown
  5. Modification for special populations at risk
  6. Knowledge check – front line delivery

More information

To access the free training:
1) Go to
2) Click ‘Not registered? Select a plan’
3) Select the plan that best fits your role/responsibilities at your club, there are the options of three
                1. FRONT LINE COACHING 
4) Complete the signup process

Once you’ve completed the signup process and logged in you can complete the award by clicking the library button on the top menu.

You now see all of the modules that make up the award. Each module has several resources you will need to work through as well as knowledge check that you will have to pass.

When you complete the knowledge check for every module, you will be emailed a link to your certificate. You can also access this by clicking the certificates button on the top menu.

If you have any technical or content-based questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Reactivate Support team on


Thanks to all those who have completed. For those who have yet to complete, please can you do so asap.

We are aware that the situation has now changed, but please can ALL clubs complete the quick survey (link below) for October and beginning of November.

Currently, we need to be able to access data to show the effect or not on our sport. So, we are asking ALL clubs to complete a simple survey once a month. It will be opened for the first week of each month. We have been contacted by organisations for information, this is all anonymous when shared, as per previous data we shared with all CPGA clubs. 

This needs to be completed only once by an official of the club. Please complete using the following link – October Monthly Figures


  • Club
  • Has your club been rowing since the 1st of the month?
  • How many crews / bubbles are rowing?
  • Who are rowing: Men / Women / Juniors?


This will be held in the via an online platform on the 17th January 2021.

The deadline has now passed for applications and any proposals.

A full agenda will be sent to all in due course.


You should all be aware, from 00.01 on Thursday 5th November, all gig rowing has been suspended following recent Government announcements.

We thank you for your co-operation at this time.

We are all aware that covid-19 has had an effect on rowing and continues to do so, therefore please complete the monthly figures request if you have not done so yet.

The Covid advice / guidance can be found on the CPGA Website Covid page


Sport England has launched an additional fund to help clubs returning to sport.

They have launched a new £16.5 million fund to give additional help to the sport and physical activity sector during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The Return to Play Fund will support groups, clubs and organisations who have been impacted by restrictions brought in to tackle the disease.

If you think that your club might be able to benefit from this new funding stream, get applying.


Thanks to all those who have submitted rowing registers, please if you haven’t can you submit asap rather than a list appearing on here!

We are all aware that there was no rowing from the 16th March until the 29th August. 

We are therefore not requiring a June register, but if you are back on the water by the 30th September, please submit your rowing register.

Please remember that there were changes to the format of the 2020 Rowing Register, follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

Missing registers:

CuldroseLondon CornishPortsmouth
Flushing MylorLA, USAPar Bay

With lots of shopping being done online now, please share with your membership the link below.
If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.
Get shopping Amazon Smile.
This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.
There are weekly emails from the recycling company – so a thank you to all who are continuing to use this service to the benefit of the environment and the CPGA.

Anyone who hasn’t yet, here is a great opportunity to recycle an item that most homes, offices etc have.
Please read the following and where possible, spread the word about recycling for the CPGA.
Title                                   Date / Deadline                                  Venue / Action
Monthly Rowing Survey    1st week each month                           Online via link
AGM 2021                        17th January 2021                               TBC