For those who have followed the progress of the Falmouth Marine School gig build, a project started in September 2019, the gig ‘Epic Energy’ was launched on Thursday 9th September.
A partnership between the CPGA and Falmouth Marine School, following in the footsteps of Ralph Bird and Ted Pentacost back in 1985/86 with the build of Energy at the Falmouth Marine School.
The gig is now owned by EpicGigability and will be used by the club’s membership which is open to anyone who has served their country in one of the Armed Forces, regular or reserved.

Thanks to those who have completed to date, only fifteen (15) clubs have responded.

Whilst we are all aware that we do not know what 2022 will bring, a few more potential fixtures would be good.

2022 fixture list. Please use the link and complete the necessary information. Deadline 14th September.

The latest version of the fixture list (12/09/21).

A few changes, cancelled and invite only events.

The number of covid infections in the South West as a whole, seems to be decreasing currently, but we recommend that when in close contact e.g. launching / loading a boat / enclosed space e.g. gig shed – masks are worn. We also recommend where possible to keep social distancing.
Lateral flow tests are becoming a common place twice weekly task for many, we would also suggest that this is encouraged by clubs for those who might not necessarily have to complete a test for work purposes. As well as reminding members that should they show a positive test, do not attend training or if they show symptoms to not attend training.
For those attending any regattas – you are being asked by the host clubs to complete various tasks before attending. Please help the clubs by working with them and completing as asked by the deadlines.
Monday 19th July was the day that restrictions were lifted legally.
For CPGA clubs we offer the following guidance:
With cases of Covid still rising, we encourage clubs to maintain a covid secure protocol.

  • Wash / sanitize hands regularly
  • Do not row / visit your club / regatta if you or anyone in your household are showing signs of covid
  • Encourage individuals to take lateral flow tests (still free of charge) if they are not already for their work
  • Continue to monitor with a Club QR code or the clubs method of track and track, or continue with the NHS QR code
  • Respect the rules set by your club and help yourself, club members and public stay healthy
  • Follow rules set out by your club to keep equipment and facilities clean
  • Be kind to your club committee who are giving their time to ensure all are safe and rowing can take place

Social distancing no longer remains at 2 metres, but as a club you need to decide what you are happy with amongst members / as a committee.

Likewise, indoors, close contact when lifting gigs, confined spaces etc housing for a gig, clubs may wish to consider a policy regarding face coverings.

You may wish to set crews according to their wishes eg those that are double jabbed, age groups, those continuing to wear masks.

For more information, please visit

How to Stay Safe and help prevent the spread
Managing COVID – 19


Access to some sports and exercise are limited due to the affordability of kit, and the situation has been compounded by the pandemic.

The BBC are running ‘Make a difference kit out the nation’. From Saturday 4 September until Saturday 2 October they are aiming to get kit and sports equipment to the schools and clubs where a young person may use it.

Obviously, many gig clubs have a recycle of kit within clubs and if you don’t this might be a great initiative to consider starting. You never know someone might want that old hoodie from way back when!

But if you have general kit and want to look at donating or just find out more about the project, please follow the link – Kit out the Nation


As more people return to rowing and hopefully clubs become the hive of local activity again, please refer to the CPGA policies.

Some quick reminders – coxes need to be wearing lifejackets at all times, submission dates for rowing registers, safety, ever changing risk assessments to name a few.


If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.
Get shopping Amazon Smile.

This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.

Thanks to those who have already supported using this link.


Take a look, might be that you can apply as a club for one of these small grants.

Key Info:
Awards of £300-£10,000 are possible:

  • Awards are to help with essential changes to services or facilities and for new projects responding to the need to offer alternatives as a result of the pandemic.
  • All applications should be focused on responding to the effects of the pandemic.
  • Applications should be in line with the government’s national and local guidelines at the time you apply.
  • Applications can be received by not-for-profit organisations.
  • The programme will remain open until the end of 2021.

Sport England – Return to Play – Small Grants – link


Title                                                     Date / Deadline               Venue / Action
Fixture Dates 2022                              14th September                   Via link
Rowing Reg 3rd Quarter                      30th September                   Via email