Please check the following link to the Club websites page on the CPGA site.  
If your club’s website is not correct, please use the link to submit an update of the web address or send an email to stating your club website address.

Returning to Competition
We all look forward to potential regattas later this year, hopefully as per the latest fixture list, but this is dependant on the road out of lockdown.
One key fact is that all clubs will need a COVID officer (if not already appointed) who is the point of contact for your club. This person will keep your clubs track and trace information as required for 21 days of those attending any regattas. This person will also liaise with the Regatta COVID officer if there is a need / likewise the Regatta COVID officer will liaise with the Club COVID officer if needed.
We will be sending out some information asap.
Please therefore begin to think about some key questions:

  • Who will be your designated COVID Officer?
  • How are you going to increase hygiene at the event?
  • You will need to have sufficient volunteers to run the event, your volunteers might have changed as a result of COVID.
  • How many clubs / crews / boats can you accommodate and still be COVID secure?
  • You will need to carry out a specific risk assessment that puts in place the appropriate plans for COVID.
  • You will need a test and trace QR code set up for the event

General Rowing

Please remember to follow the guidance. Do not become complacent and remember social media is a positive and a negative tool.

The guidance remains – clubs should keep the same crew rowing together wherever possible to minimise the number of different close interactions rowers will have with each other. Whilst not termed ‘rowing bubbles’ the principle is the same.

To clarify a ‘stern loader’ is a boat where the cox is sat in the stern ie a gig. Therefore, a cox is required to wear both a face covering and eye protection (goggles / sunglasses or a face visor).

Any media needs to be positive and showing that all rowing is following covid protocols. Remember that there are many webcams and plenty of people with cameras who will publish photos. Make sure that anything that your club posts is showing the club is the best possible COVID secure way.

Please revisit your risk assessments regularly and update as needed.

Some key points to remember when rowing in COVID secure measures, which is required from all.

  • Social distancing where possible
  • Masks on launch and recovery
  • No changing of crews/cox during a rowing session 
  • No stopping to socialize / turning around during the row
  • Wearing of masks / eye protection / face shields for coxes
  • Cleaning boat and equipment between rowing sessions and after use
  • Contact tracing in place (see Weekly Update 40 for QR codes / NHS tracing) this has been a requirement since the 20th September 2020 and continues to be.

You might be aware that the Government is now offering free rapid lateral flow tests to all household. This could compliment, but not replace your COVID secure protocols. Please visit the Government website as below.
Further information will be published in due course.
Government Covid 19 Response      
British Rowing Covid 19 Response

For most clubs’ trailers haven’t necessarily be towed for a significant period of time as a result of lockdowns and no regattas.

As we look forward (fingers crossed) to some form of racing this year it is important that not only your gigs are seaworthy but that your trailers are roadworthy.

If you have the expertise in the club, get someone to cast an eye over the trailer for any visual defects, but ultimately for everyone’s safety do get a garage to assess, therefore making sure that your trailer is fully roadworthy and there are no defects.


Cornwall Council are hosting various webinars over the coming weeks. The one listed below is about events. Information we have received states ‘that it is quite general but would be a useful overview and there is an opportunity to ask questions specific to your event’.

If you are therefore hosting a regatta this coming season (fingers crossed) it might be worth a member of the club attending to gather as much info as possible about making your event COVID secure.

If you are not in Cornwall, you might still be able to register. Alternatively, if you have a link to a local council, please ask them the question if they are hosting something similar. Please do let us know and we can share with all.

Webinar: COVID Trading Safely – Event Organisers special Tickets, Tue 25 May 2021 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

The IOS World Championship committee have updated their website regarding World Champs 2022.
Please complete the necessary info as required.
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Title                                              Date / Deadline                     Venue / Action
Rowing Reg 2nd Quarter              30th June                                 Via email
IOS World Champs 2022             31st July                                   Via link