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If you do not already have the form, please visit the CPGA webpage and under ‘Forms’ you will see the CPGA Rowing Reg March 2021 form listed.

From the info returned to date.

Covid has obviously had an effect on the membership of clubs.

From the 1st lockdown in March until the 29th August rowing was not permitted. Clubs then chose whether or not to return to rowing until again, at the end of December and the 3rd lockdown, rowing wasn’t permitted, only being able to resume on the 29th March.

To date 80 clubs have made returns.

Sixty one (61) clubs have lost members from 2020 to 2021 March.
Of those:

  • Eight (8) have lost over 50% membership
  • Eighteen (18) have lost between 25 – 49% membership
  • Twenty-two (22) have lost between 10 – 24%
  • Thirteen (13) have lost between 1 – 9%

Nineteen (19) clubs have either stayed as they were or increased membership.
Of those:

  • Four (4) new clubs have gained 100% membership
  • Four (4) have stayed as 2020
  • Four (4) have seen growth of over 50%
  • Two (2) have seen growth between 25 – 49%
  • One (1) has seen growth of 10 – 24%
  • Four (4) have seen growth of between 1 – 9%


If you have not already done so, please submit whether your club returned to the water by the end of April via the link April Rowing Return


Many of you regularly receive updates from your local Sports Partnership as you are registered with them for email updates.

Check out your Active Partnership.


UK Coaching Online currently has a course – Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+

For all Cornish clubs is you go via the Active Cornwall link it is free.

For other Active Partnerships – visit the website or contact the partnership direct to see if you can complete the course for free, otherwise its £12.


This has another amendment to be published.

If any other clubs need to change a date, please contact secretary@cpga.co.uk by the Friday 7th May so that the updated fixture list can be published next Sunday.


Thanks to all who are following guidance. Please remember to continue to do so and don’t become complacent.

To clarify a ‘stern loader’ is a boat where the cox is sat in the stern ie a gig. Therefore, a cox is required to wear both a face covering and eye protection (goggles / sunglasses or a face visor).

Any media needs to be positive and showing that all rowing is following covid protocols. Remember that there are many webcams and plenty of people with cameras who will publish photos. Make sure that anything that your club posts is showing the club is the best possible COVID secure way.

Please revisit your risk assessments regularly and update as needed.

Please do remember that rowing bubbles are still the best way to monitor mixing / tracing etc, rowing cannot return to pre COVID times yet. All of the below still applies. 

Some key points to remember when rowing in COVID secure measures, which is required from all.

  • Social distancing where possible
  • Masks on launch and recovery
  • No changing of crews/cox during a rowing session 
  • No stopping to socialize / turning around during the row
  • Wearing of masks / eye protection / face shields for coxes
  • Cleaning boat and equipment between rowing sessions and after use
  • Contact tracing in place (see Weekly Update 40 for QR codes / NHS tracing)

Remember that the rule of six / two households applies when not rowing and no indoor mixing of different households is allowed. Although dates have been published, for further releasing of the lockdown, please note that they are ‘no earlier than’ and dependant on data.
You might be aware that the Government is now offering free rapid lateral flow tests to all household. This could compliment, but not replace your COVID secure protocols. Please visit the Government website as below.
Further information will be published in due course.
Government Covid 19 Response                                British Rowing Covid 19 Response
Thanks to all who have been donating via this route.
With lots of shopping being done online now, please share with your membership the link below.
If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.

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Rowing Reg 1st Quarter                OVERDUE                      Via club contact
Monthly Rowing Returns                 30th April                        Via link
Fixture List Amendments                 7th May                          Via email
Rowing Reg 2nd Quarter                 30th June                       Via email