Thanks to all the clubs who have submitted rowing registers for the 1st quarter of 2021. Please note you do need to submit a new register (even if there are no changes from your last submission).
Its great to hear that some clubs have not lost any significant numbers of membership. Obviously we have not heard from all of you yet.
We are all aware that we need to keep a record of membership, so even though your rowing register might look sparse for the first quarter of 2021 or if you are a club who has managed to maintain or even grow your membership it is important that we track this information for the sport as a whole. The information will be shared with all once we have the final few clubs completing the 2020 rowing reg requirement.
Please can you therefore submit your club rowing registers for the 1st quarter by the 15th April. If you do not already have the form, please visit the CPGA webpage and under ‘Forms’ you will see the CPGA Rowing Reg March 2021 form listed.

Most are aware that from the return to rowing in 2020 we asked that monthly ‘Return to Rowing’ info be completed via the links sent. (82 / 86 = CPGA member clubs)

Obviously for 2021 January and February, plus a significant amount of March 2021 have been no rowing and so we have recorded that.
But now that rowing is allowed to return, please can you complete the March info asap March Rowing Return
The April info can be submitted up until the end of this month, but if you know what the return is going to look like for your club, please complete at any stage of the month April Rowing Return

Please remember when returning to rowing that some people have not been as active over the last lockdown or two and so take care and remember that your hands, have been washed etc more than ever and are probably pretty soft.
Any media needs to be positive and showing that all rowing is following covid protocols. Remember that there are many webcams and plenty of people with cameras who will publish photos. Make sure that anything that your club posts is showing the club is the best possible COVID secure way.
Rowing can resume on the 29th March providing all COVID secure protocols are in place. Please revisit your risk assessments, update as needed and if there are any aspects that you know can be improved take this time to do so.
Please do remember that you need to have rowing bubbles and not return to rowing as per COVID times.
Some key points to remember when rowing in COVID secure measures, which is required from all.

  • Social distancing where possible
  • Masks on launch and recovery
  • No changing of crews/cox during a rowing session 
  • No stopping to socialize / turning around during the row
  • Wearing of masks / face shields for coxes
  • Cleaning boat and equipment between rowing sessions and after use
  • Contact tracing in place (see Weekly Update 40 for QR codes / NHS tracing)

Remember that the rule of six / two households applies when not rowing and no indoor mixing of different households is allowed. Although dates have been published, for further releasing of the lockdown, please note that they are ‘no earlier than’ and dependant on data.

Please remember that a gig is a stern loader, therefore a cox is required to wear both a face covering and eye protection (goggles / sunglasses or a face visor)

Further information will be published in due course.
Government Covid 19 ResponseBritish Rowing Covid 19 Response


Thanks to all who have completed the individual membership survey, final shout as it closes tomorrow – 5/4/21.

The updated FAQ was also sent to all this week, so please have a read if you haven’t already.  


All main / first contacts have now been sent an updated contact list.

There will be another updated list.

Can we please remind you that the contact list if shared with clubs for CPGA communication only and should not be shared with any third parties as no permissions have been granted. GDPR is purely for CPGA use.

Those who still need to submit contact details:

  • Affinity
  • CRAB
  • Raleigh
  • Torpoint Rowers

All contacts have been changed in the mailchimp, so all should now be getting the CPGA Weekly Update. Please, if you have new contacts can you get them to double check their spam / junk / social / promotional files as often in the first instance the update can arrive in that folder.


Thanks to a number of CPGA boat builders, a little advice regarding returning your gigs to the water on the 29th March or after.

Give the boat a general survey for any drying out stresses, possibly a few shakes or splits in planks. Do remove floorboards inside and have a good look. Cast an eye on the stem and sternpost (bow and stern) in particular. 

If you spot any shrinkage and haven’t been placing wet blankets / cloths in the bottom of the boat, do that for a couple of days prior to putting back in the water. 

Do not leave fresh water in the bottom of the gig for any long period of time as this could encourage rot.

If any obvious gaps are seen, more than you feel will simply close with the swell of planks once in the water, contact a CPGA builder for guidance. 

Once you are able, get your gig into the water, sea water. It is what the boat needs and you will then see if there are any leaks that need addressing. 


The most up to date POTENTIAL fixture list for 2021 has now been published.

Please be aware that prior to the 21st June (at the earliest) events cannot take place. As you will see some clubs have already chosen not to host an event for 2021. At this stage nothing can be guaranteed, but fingers crossed some racing can take place.

Championship events, we await more information on the covid secure events situation.

If your club has a date and they wish to reschedule for later in the year / potential season, please email asap.


Thanks to all those who have submitted rowing registers, throughout 2020, what a year! 

We are all aware that there was no rowing from the 16th March until the 29th August and from the 4th November until the 2nd December. 

The final Rowing Register for 2020 was due on the 30th December.All missing registers listed below. Please remember that if there are no changes you still need to let us know.

Please remember that there were changes to the format of the 2020 Rowing Register, follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

BritanniaCRABFoweySt Agnes


Thanks to all who have been donating via this route.

With lots of shopping being done online now, please share with your membership the link below.
If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.
Get shopping Amazon Smile.

This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.

Title                                                    Date / Deadline                     Venue / Action
Individual Membership Survey           Monday 5th April                     Online via link
Rowing Reg 1st Quarter                     Thursday 15th April                 Via club contact