PLEASE remember to follow Covid guidance if you are still rowing / able to row.

A number of clubs within tier 3 who have been rowing have made a decision to suspend rowing due to the rapid increase in cases in the last week. We are all aware that this is a rapidly changing situation.

With any activity that takes place all – members rowing and non-rowing, and the public must see that all is being done to limit any spread of Covid. Please remember that if you are using social media only publish compliant photos / videos and remember that there are others who will publish anything and even contact the CPGA if they see a club not following good practice.

If you are in tier 4 – no rowing is to take place.

Information – click on links below for full info. Tier 4Tier 3Tier 2Tier 1No of Clubs156501 
Sport England   British Rowing

Once again, we need to emphasise that you are following guidance and any rowing that does take place MUST be risk assessed with Covid protocols in place and accessible to all members, mitigation actions must be followed. Please do not be complacent. Anything published on social media needs show you followed covid protocol.

Some key points to remember: Social distancing where possibleMasks on launch and recoveryNo changing of crews/cox during a rowing session Wearing of masks / face shields for coxesCleaning boat and equipment between rowing sessions and after useContact tracing in place (see Weekly Update 40 for QR codes / NHS tracing)

This will be held in the via an online platform on the 17th January 2021.

A full agenda has been sent to all club, there will be a separate email with the details of the log in sent next week. (please see item below for completion for contact details)


Thanks to all those who have completed, if you haven’t (see below) even if you details haven’t changed, complete the information via the link, but you don’t need to worry about sending in the GDPR as we already have that on file. Last shout, contact info will be published to secretaries this week.

Contact information link

If you are listed below, your details, need to be submitted asap.
 BidefordCadgwithCRABNorfolkSalcombeBridportCalstockCuldrosePar BaySt AgnesBritanniaCaradonDevoranPortlandSt Marys IOSBrixhamCliftonFlushing MylorRaleighTamar TavyBurham on SeaClovellyH4HRM TamarYealm  

Whilst we are aware that the situation is rapidly changing. Please can ALL clubs complete the quick survey (link below) for January. We are aware that changing tiers has implications for rowing and we can adjust data if needed.

If you know that you are intending to return to rowing this month, please complete as yes with an estimate of crews, if you know that you are NOT rowing this month please complete as required, obviously if you have been rowing you can give accurate figures.

We need to be able to access data to show the effect or not on our sport. So, we are asking ALL clubs to complete a simple survey once a month. We have been contacted by organisations for information, this is all anonymous when shared.

This needs to be completed only once by an official of the club. Please complete using the following link – Monthly Figures – January

Potential fixture list 2021 – V3. Highlighted = added or changed. Both Hayle and Newquay have agreed to host the U15 and U17 champs for 2021, so fingers crossed.

V3 Update 31/12/20 click here


Thanks to all those who have submitted rowing registers, throughout 2020, what a year! 
We are all aware that there was no rowing from the 16th March until the 29th August and from the 4th November until the 2nd December. 
The final Rowing Register for 2020 was due on the 30th December. So please submit as necessary but remember if there are no changes to your register also let us know. We do need to have an accurate figure for the end of 2020. 
Please remember that there were changes to the format of the 2020 Rowing Register, follow the link and download the doc – Insert-Club Name – CPGA Rowing Reg March 2020

With lots of shopping being done online now, please share with your membership the link below.
If you purchase anything from Amazon, please do so via the link and the CPGA do get a donation.
Get shopping Amazon Smile.
This can also be applied when purchasing via a mobile app.
There are weekly emails from the recycling company – so a thank you to all who are continuing to use this service to the benefit of the environment and the CPGA.
Anyone who hasn’t yet, here is a great opportunity to recycle an item that most homes, offices etc have.
Please read the following and where possible, spread the word about recycling for the CPGA.

Title                                     Date / Deadline                         Venue / Action
Monthly Rowing Survey     1st week each month                    Online via link
AGM 2021                          17th January 2021                        Online via Zoom