During the recent AGM the CPGA announced that they would like to implement a new strategy to develop Gig Rowing as a sport. The adoption of this strategy needs to be ratified by the clubs who will be voting at the EGM in mid February.

We want you, the members, to be involved in that decision making process so please read / watch the information below to understand what is being proposed.

The CPGA have requested that this information is for club members digestion only and not for wider circulation, especially on social media platforms.


  • Build relationship with Sport England to get recognised as a full time professional sport.
  • Create a regional structure, develop new clubs, support recruitment, improve competition, support club recruitment and improve excellence in existing clubs.
  • Additional support for clubs when it comes to coaching, funding, coxing and safety.
  • Promote the sport regionally and nationally.
  • Recruitment of five paid CPGA Staff.

How will this be funded?

Club Membership

Exmouth Gig club paid £200 to be a member of the CPGA in 2019/20 next year this will be increased to £250.

Individual membership

This is the fundamental proposed change to the funding of the CPGA. Individuals will need to pay to be affiliated to the CPGA and this will be facilitated by the clubs.

This will initially cost £30 raising to £34 by 2025/26.

Have Your Say

The Exmouth Gig Club committee will be asked to vote on your behalf at a CPGA Extraordinary General Meeting (date tbc). In order to understand what the feeling within the membership there will be two phases for you to have your say:

  • Consultation – please complete the survey below so that we can assess who are members feel about the proposal. There is also the chance to ask questions of the CPGA. The results of the survey will then be returned to the members.
  • Members vote – this will open after the consultation phase has closed and will be a simple “yes” or “no” to the question “Do you support the CPGA’s proposal”

Watch the video, read the supporting materials and then scroll down to take the survey and then vote.

Video presentation given at AGM

YouTube player

Statement from the CPGA

“Gig rowing is growing at an extraordinary rate. The demands of managing this expanding sport are exceeding the capacity of the CPGA volunteer team. To govern the sport effectively, the CPGA must grown and change in line with the sport.

Earlier this year the CPGA carried out an extensive survey of the membership. Clubs told us what support and services they need and we listened.

With financial support from Cornwall Council and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership we engaged consultant, Kevin Brownridge. Kevin’s recent work includes managing the production of the business plan and fundraising strategy for Krowji (a £7 million centre for the creative industries in Cornwall) and writing the business plan for Kresen Kernow, the new Cornwall £17m archives building. 

We have worked with Kevin to draw on the feedback from clubs to develop an ambitious strategy for the sport. It aims to help the sport thrive whilst maintaining all that makes our gig rowing community extraordinary.

Clubs are the voting membership of the CPGA. Your club will be invited to an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) later this Spring to vote on the adoption of the strategy.

As a member club of the CPGA, we ask that you consider how your vote best supports the objects and interests of the CPGA CIO. We suggest that you use the resources below to hold a meeting with your committee and/or whole club to decide on your club vote.”


Please note that the CPGA will be providing the following documents in due course:

  • Documentation to clarify matters and answer frequently asked questions.
  • An information film addressing the wider membership to support understanding of the individual membership proposal.
  • A survey to capture the views of all members of the gig rowing community. The results of this will help the CPGA and clubs best represent their interests (the survey results will be circulated before the EGM).

These will be uploaded as soon as they are received so please keep checking this page.


Please do not contact the CPGA directly as we would like to collate questions from the whole club and avoid duplications.

We will endeavour to find the answer for you, but please be aware that this could take some time (if we don’t have the answer to hand). Please leave your contact details so we can respond.

Answers to your questions… so far

There has already been a Q&A session with the CPGA where some of your questions where asked. The answers can be found here.


Every member will have one vote. You can change your mind before the vote close. You will need to be signed in to vote.

Voting will open after the consultation phase. You will be notified, via email when this is available.

The result will add weight to the decision that the committee makes at the EGM.