Dear Members

We are sure you are all aware of the announcement from British Rowing regarding a return to rowing for Gigs and Fixed seats on 29th August.

In anticipation of getting back on the water the Committee has put together a draft Health and Safety Protocol and prepared a Risk Assessment. This indicates some significant areas of concern so there can be no guarantee that we will be able to row on 29th August.

Local clubs have reservations as do a number of our coxes. Jay wrote to CPGA seeking further advice and they have replied advising they are registering and collating all the queries raised and will look to issue a comprehensive answer in due course. It is unlikely that we will see anything until next week.

The safety of all our members is key so please bear with us whilst we examine and review the guidance available.

We will issue a further update as soon as the position is clearer.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

The Committee