‘Following a really good end to the season with more new rowers joining the club in October, we took Rodney Bey out of the water to carry out some essential maintenance and a re-paint.

Exmouth Gig Club members rolled up their sleeves and chucked on the overalls to carry out the task of Winter maintenance, in an effort to get Rodney Bey ready for training and racing in next year. The Gig had a fair few layers of old paint to remove in an attempt to lighten the load a bit and have it looking its best, as well as a few minor repairs after a busy season of rowing. Thank-you to all those members who helped work on the boat over the last 6 weeks and for bringing along your best tools for the job. Carrying out a full strip down to bare wood was a learning experience for us all as the best method to do this evolved each week, from paint remover to sanding with various tools!

We now look forward to re-launching Rodney Bey on the 27th of December ready for some training for the Scillies and welcoming new rowers into the club once more. Normal weekend rowing will resume from Saturday the 27th at 9am on Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays each week until the evenings get lighter again.